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Overview of products.

EUR-OCEANS NoE "products"

The (former) EUR-OCEANS Network of Excellence (NoE) resulted in several "outputs" or "products", which the CLAMER project has summarized in its inventory of European marine climate change research projects.

While some of these EUR-OCEANS NoE products are no longer online since the former NoE website closed down, others are available through the EUR-OCEANS Consortium or other websites.

Entries under the "PRODUCTS" menu provide short explanations about, and links to the main EUR-OCEANS products (roughly categorized as "Outreach" or "Scientific" ones).

EUR-OCEANS Consortium "products"

The (present) EUR-OCEANS Consortium (EOC) devotes most of its resources to integrative scientific activities that have the potential to contribute shaping the future European research agenda. Reports, publications and other outputs deriving from these activities are provided (as they become available) through the activities respective webpages.

You can consult a list of EOC activities using the "Internal activities" entry of the "ACTIVITIES" menu.

You can also consult a summary document of EOC activities.

New outreach products (e.g., factsheets, films...) can be derived from EOC activities (please contact po [at] .


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