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Training Workshop Best practices in ocean acidification research A training workshop in ocean acidification research will be jointly organized by EPOCA, BIOACID, CalMarO and OCB.  The workshop, which will be held at IFM-GEOMAR in Kiel during March 8-12, 2010... 08/03/2010 12/03/2010 7 years ago
Open Access Publishing information day - Practical advice on using OA to make early career scientists' research more visible and open During the 2009 Open Access Week (October 19-23, 2009), an Open Access Publishing information day is organised at UBO, Brest, France. This event is organised by Ivo Grigorov and is... 19/10/2009 19/10/2009 7 years ago
Understanding and quantifying mortality in pelagic, early-life stages of marine organisms Co-chairs: Alejandro Gallego (UK), Elizabeth North (USA), Edward Houde (USA) This workshop focuses on understanding and quantifying mortality in the early life of pelagic organisms, a subject that is... 22/03/2010 24/03/2010 7 years ago
Summer school of the HMAP program (History of Marine Animal Populations) An HMAP (History of Marine Animal Populations ) International Summer School, titled: When humanities meet ecology - Historic changes in Mediterranean and Black Sea marine biodiversity and... 31/08/2009 04/09/2009 7 years ago
Climate impacts on the Baltic Sea - from science to policy - Advanced summer course (NMA / EUR-OCEANS / DTU-Aqua) This summer school is endorsed and co-funded by EUR-OCEANS, and co-organised by EUR-OCEANS members. It will be held in , Nexø, Denmark, from 27 July to 5 August 2009. It is one of three advanced... 27/07/2009 05/08/2009 7 years ago
Joint ICES & EUR-OCEANS Session F (Tuesday, 22 September) during ICES Annual Science Conference: How does fishing alter marine populations’ and ecosystems’ sensitivity to climate? The session How does fishing alter marine populations’ and ecosystems’ sensitivity to climate?, within ICES Annual Science Conference, is co-funded by EUR-OCEANS. It is convened by Benjamin Planque... 22/09/2009 22/09/2009 7 years ago
Joint EUR-OCEANS & MEECE WS: OSMOSE model : parameterization, calibration, coupling EUR-OCEANS co-funds (contributing to travel grants) a MEECE workshop convened by Yunne Shin and Morgane Travers (IRD). The workshop 'OSMOSE model: parameterization, calibration,... 14/05/2009 15/05/2009 7 years ago
POGO Opportunities in Capacity Building (visiting fellowships; visiting professorship) The Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO) announces opportunities targeting candidates in developing countries or countries with economy in transition: the POGO-SCOR Visiting... 7 years ago
POGO Visiting Fellowship for On-board Training on Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT) Cruise The Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO) announces a special Fellowship for on-board training on an Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT) Cruise. This fellowship program is open to... 13/09/2010 17/12/2010 7 years ago
Research cruise April 2010 - Baltic - 2 berth spaces for EO students / scientists IO-PAS, a EUR-OCEANS Consortium Member, offers berth space for two EUR-OCEANS students/scientists willing to join a research cruise in the Southern Baltic Sea, 17-30 April 2010, and... 17/04/2010 30/04/2010 7 years ago

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