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Conference: The molecular life of diatoms (Paris, 25-28 June 2013) Note: EOC co-funded this conference (targeting the organization of a session of particular relevance to EOC scientists) after its March 2012 call for projects. Overview (excerpts from... 25/06/2013 28/06/2013 4 years ago
'Deoxygenation Flagship': Ocean deoxygenation in Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems Description of Topic and Objectives [Extract from proposal] The issue of deoxygenation in the world ocean and its implications for ocean productivity, nutrient cycling, carbon cycling, and marine... 01/09/2011 31/08/2013 6 years ago
'Polar' Flagship: Polar Ecosystem Change and Synthesis (PECS) Following on from the EUR-OCEANS Foresight Workshop on “Rapid change in polar ecosystems” funded in 2009 and held in 2010, the EUR-OCEANS Consortium awarded in 2010 a 2-year flagship to... 01/11/2011 31/10/2013 4 years ago
'Scenarios Flagship': Developing seasonal and spatial foodweb models through novel statistical modelling – tools for constructing scenarios under future global change (EcoScenarios) Overview This 2-year project was selected as a EUR-OCEANS Flagship after the June 2009 EUR-OCEANS call. It addresses the EUR-OCEANS topic of the ”Elaboration of scenarios to... 01/09/2010 31/08/2012 6 years ago
'Submesoscale Flagship': Impact of submesoscale on particulate export (WP within wider project : Toward AN eddying Global Green Ocean - From TWISTED to TANGGO)  overall TANGGO project: Toward AN eddying Global Green Ocean - From TWISTED to TANGGO, led by M. Levy (LOCEAN, UPMC) and L. Bopp (LSCE). (b) Presentation of EO-funded Work Package Impact of... 01/09/2010 31/08/2012 7 years ago
2nd CLIOTOP Symposium - Certainty of change in pelagic systems – detection, attribution, and prediction - 11-15 February 2013, Noumea, New Caledonia Please refer to the symposium website for details, registration and the latest information. Key dates Deadline (extended) for abstract submission 15 October 2012 Acceptance of abstracts 1 November... 11/02/2013 15/02/2013 5 years ago
36th Annual Larval Fish Conference Conference website: Presentations on all aspects of the early life history of fishes are welcome. Registration and abstract submission... 02/07/2012 06/07/2012 5 years ago
43rd International Liege Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics Tracers of Physical and Biogeochemical Processes, Past Changes and Ongoing Anthropogenic Impacts - Liège (Belgium) 43rd International Liege Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics Tracers of physical and biogeochemical processes, past changes and ongoing anthropogenic impacts 2 - 6 May 2011 Web site: 02/05/2011 06/05/2011 6 years ago
45th international colloquium on ocean dynamics - The variability of primary production in the ocean: from the synoptic to the global scale The 45th International Liege Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics will investigate new insights related to the evaluationof primary production and the study of the dynamics between physical forcing and ocean... 13/05/2013 17/05/2013 5 years ago
5th (PICES-ICES) International Zooplankton Production Symposium - Population Connections, Community Dynamics, and Climate Variability As per a EUR-OCEANS Council decision, EUR-OCEANS co-sponsors the 5th (PICES-ICES) International Zooplankton Production Symposium to be held in Pucón, Chile, 14-18 March 2011. Scope of... 14/03/2011 18/03/2011 6 years ago

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