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Ecosystem modelling in the North-West Mediterranean Sea This WS has been selected for co-funding after the EUR-OCEANS 2012 call for proposals. Topic and objectives [excerpt from proposal] Today, the sustainable management of marine living... 26/03/2013 28/03/2013 4 years ago
Impact of climate change on marine ecosystems Overview This WS has been selected for co-funding after the EUR-OCEANS 2012 call for proposals. It is funded by the ITN GreenCycles II, embedded in the MAREMIP international... 04/03/2013 06/03/2013 4 years ago
ASLO 2013 and special session SS51 (17-22 Feb. 2013, New Orleans, USA) ASLO (the Association for the Science of Limnology and Oceanography) will hold its 2013 Aquatic Sciences Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 17-22 February 2013. Within this... 17/02/2013 22/02/2013 5 years ago
2nd CLIOTOP Symposium - Certainty of change in pelagic systems – detection, attribution, and prediction - 11-15 February 2013, Noumea, New Caledonia Please refer to the symposium website for details, registration and the latest information. Key dates Deadline (extended) for abstract submission 15 October 2012 Acceptance of abstracts 1 November... 11/02/2013 15/02/2013 5 years ago
EOC 2013 Council meeting - 7-8 Feb. 2013, Copenhagen, DK Post-meeting information The meeting record, containing formal decisions made by the EOC Council on Day 2, has been be distributed to EOC Council representatives and main contacts at EOC... 07/02/2013 08/02/2013 4 years ago
GreenSeas Summer School: global plankton data: ecosystems, monitoring and modelling in an era of global warming - Jan-Feb 2013, Capetown, SA This GreenSeas summer school may be of interest to students and post-docs in the EUR-OCEANS community. "During the GreenSeas Summer School students will learn how to employ a combination of... 28/01/2013 03/02/2013 5 years ago
IMBIZO III - The future of marine biogeochemistry, ecosystems and societies. Multi-dimensional approaches to the challenges of global change in continental margins and open ocean systems IMBER (Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research) will hold the third in its IMBIZO* series in Goa, India from 28-31 January 2013.(*IMBIZO is a Zulu word meaning a meeting or gathering... 28/01/2013 31/01/2013 5 years ago
EuroMarine final General Assembly - 10-11 Dec. 2012, Brussels Several EUR-OCEANS members are involved in the EuroMarine project, and all former members of the EUR-OCEANS, MarBEF, Marine Genomics Europe FP6 NoEs (or their follow-up structures) are... 10/12/2012 11/12/2012 4 years ago
EOC FWS - Evaluating the status of marine ecosystems in a changing world (indiSeas 2012) Background EUR-OCEANS (both the NoE and the follow-up Consortium) has supported (funded or provided logistical support to) a series of workshops/conferences focusing on the development and... 03/12/2012 07/12/2012 4 years ago
EOC FWS - A satellite and in-situ field experiment in a turbulent ocean: Diagnosis of vertical exchanges associated with submesoscales. Impacts on air-sea exchanges and ecosystems This FWS description is adapted from the proposal. Context This workshop is embedded within Axis 1 “The ocean engine at very high resolution” of the recently labelled Centre of Excellence named... 28/11/2012 29/11/2012 4 years ago

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