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ICES/PICES Symposium on Forage fish interactions - Creating the tools for ecosystem based management of marine resources The symposium will be held from 12–14 November 2012, in Nantes (France) convened by Stefan Neuenfeldt (DK), Myron Peck (DE), Tim Essington (US), Niels Vestergaard (DK) and Vladimir Radchenko (RU).... 12/11/2012 14/11/2012 5 years ago
International Course in Methods in Microbial Ecology An International Course in Methods in Microbial Ecology will be held in Naples, Italy from November 5 to 9th, 2012. The preliminary program and any information are available at, www.... 05/11/2012 09/11/2012 5 years ago
MESOAQUA International Symposium - Recent achievements and future direction in Aquatic Mesocosm Research - Herakion, 16-19 October 2012 MESOAQUA (a network of MESOcosm facilities to advance the studies of future AQUAtic ecosystems from the Arctic to the Mediterranean) organizes its next International Symposium on Recent achievements... 16/10/2012 19/10/2012 5 years ago
Chapman Conference on The Agulhas System and its Role in Changing Ocean Circulation, Climate, and Marine Ecosystems - South Africa, 8-12/10/2012 A Chapman Conference on The Agulhas System and its Role in Changing Ocean Circulation, Climate, and Marine Ecosystems, organised by SCOR/IAPSO/WCRP Working Group 136 On the Climatic Importance of the... 08/10/2012 12/10/2012 5 years ago
Gordon-like Conference: Land-Ocean Connectivity from Hydrological to Ecological Understanding of Groundwater Effects in the Coastal Zone - L'Aber Wrac'h, Brittany (France), 24-27 Sept. 2012 Organised by Europole Mer This interdisciplinary conference will bring together physical scientists with expertise in coastal groundwater studies (e.g., physicists, chemists, geologists, hydrologists... 24/09/2012 27/09/2012 5 years ago
EOC FWS on evolutionary potential in marine populations - 17-21 Sept., Sylt, Germany Overview - Climate change and evolution Our climate is changing at an unprecedented rate, and there is ample evidence that these changes have ecological consequences. The key question now being asked... 17/09/2012 21/09/2012 5 years ago
Course in experimental design & data analysis for marine biologists - Göteborg University, Strömstad, Sweden This graduate–level course provides participants with advanced skills and hands-on training in the design of sampling programs and experiments in marine systems, and subsequent statistical and... 20/08/2012 31/08/2012 5 years ago
IMBER ClimECO3 Summer School - A View Towards Integrated Earth System Models: Human-nature Interactions in the Marine World This 3rd interdisciplinary IMBER ClimECO summer school (bridging natural and social sciences; aiming at the development of more accurate scenarios under future climate change) is quite relevant... 23/07/2012 28/07/2012 5 years ago
IIFET’s 16th biennial conference IIFET 2012 Tanzania Visible Possibilities: The Economics of Sustainable Fisheries, Aquaculture and Seafood Trade Conference Themes and Topics The general theme of the conference will be revealing... 16/07/2012 20/07/2012 6 years ago
ISEC2012 - Third biennial International Statistical Ecology Conference On behalf of ISEC2012 Local Organizing Committee: The third biennial International Statistical Ecology Conference (ISEC2012) is now accepting abstracts. The conference will be held 3-6 July 2012... 03/07/2012 06/07/2012 6 years ago

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