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All activities resulting from calls

Title Description Start datesort icon End date
EOC FWS - A satellite and in-situ field experiment in a turbulent ocean: Diagnosis of vertical exchanges associated with submesoscales. Impacts on air-sea exchanges and ecosystems This FWS description is adapted from the proposal. Context This workshop is embedded within Axis 1 “The ocean engine at very high resolution” of the recently labelled Centre of Excellence named... 28/11/2012 29/11/2012
EOC FWS on evolutionary potential in marine populations - 17-21 Sept., Sylt, Germany Overview - Climate change and evolution Our climate is changing at an unprecedented rate, and there is ample evidence that these changes have ecological consequences. The key question now being asked... 17/09/2012 21/09/2012
Spatial management of pelagic ecosystems with marine protected areas: Visions for the future This foresight WS was selected for funding after the Feb. 2011 EUR-OCEANS calls for projects. It is co-funded by and be organized within the AMPED project which studies the... 26/03/2012 30/03/2012
'Polar' Flagship: Polar Ecosystem Change and Synthesis (PECS) Following on from the EUR-OCEANS Foresight Workshop on “Rapid change in polar ecosystems” funded in 2009 and held in 2010, the EUR-OCEANS Consortium awarded in 2010 a 2-year flagship to... 01/11/2011 31/10/2013
Effect of fishing-induced alterations in population structure and life history traits on the response of worldwide fisheries to climate Leading scientists and organizations Tristan ROUYER Manuel HIDALGOCentre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), Department of Biology, University of Oslo.P.O. Box 1066 Blindern - NO-0316... 12/09/2011 14/09/2011
'Deoxygenation Flagship': Ocean deoxygenation in Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems Description of Topic and Objectives [Extract from proposal] The issue of deoxygenation in the world ocean and its implications for ocean productivity, nutrient cycling, carbon cycling, and marine... 01/09/2011 31/08/2013
Use of natural analogues in ocean acidification research EUR-OCEANS provides complementary funding for this (imminent) training WS linked to the MedSea project, in order to let organizers expand attendance. Interested EUR-OCEANS students or scientists... 25/05/2011 27/05/2011
Toward a global observation and modelling system for studying the ecology of the open ocean using acoustics Overview (adapted from the proposal) Background Integrated ecosystem models are increasingly important for understanding, predicting and managing marine ecosystems in a global change context. In... 03/05/2011 06/05/2011
Food security for land-breeding, marine top predators: towards an ecosystem approach for managing forage resources Overview (adapted from the proposal) Background Some long-term studies of marine predators, mainly seabirds and seals, have revealed relationships between prey density or abundance and indices of... 09/03/2011 12/03/2011
EUR-OCEANS Conference on Indicators for an ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM) - 'Comparing the status of marine ecosystems in a changing world' This is one of three Conference projects that were selected for EUR-OCEANS funding after the December 2008 EUR-OCEANS call. This project has since been reformatted as a workshop, to be... 29/11/2010 02/12/2010

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