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Internal EUR-OCEANS activities

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Symposium on Low oxygen environments in marine, estuarine and fresh waters

Low oxygen conditions have already been reported for various aquatic systems, from lakes, estuaries and coastal areas to off-shore regions of the World Ocean, where water ventilation is not able...

05/05/2014 09/05/2014 3 years ago
EOC WS - Tracking marine top foragers (EtatJ’erre)

This WS was selected for funding after the EOC 2012 call for proposal.
Initially scheduled for 2013 (15-17 Oct.), it had to be post-poned to 15-...

15/01/2014 17/01/2014 4 years ago
EOC FWS - Building scenarios for global oceanic ecosystems and associated fisheries

This WS was selected for funding after the EOC 2012 call for proposal.

Scenarios are needed both for predicting the...
25/11/2013 29/11/2013 4 years ago
EUR-OCEANS hot topics conference - A changing ocean (6-8 Nov. 2013, PLOCAN, Gran Canaria, Spain)


06/11/2013 08/11/2013 3 years ago
EOC WS on data integration in marine sciences - Collaborations between journal and data publishers/databases

This workshop was granted 15 k€ upon a decision of the EOC Council (8 Feb. 2013).

It is organized back-to-back with the EOC hot...

04/11/2013 05/11/2013 4 years ago
EOC FWS - Trait-based approaches to Ocean Life

The trait-based approach to life is emerging as a novel framework to tackle the complexity of marine ecosystems. Rather than considering species per se, individual organisms are...

26/08/2013 28/08/2013 5 years ago
6th International SOLAS Summer School - 23rd August-2nd September 2013 - Xiamen University, China

The 2013 edition of the SOLAS Summer School was selected for co-funding by the EUR-OCEANS Council durint its 8 Feb. 2013 meeting.

"The SOLAS Summer School is a...

23/08/2013 02/09/2013 4 years ago
Advanced course: From bloom to gloom - Primary production, food web processes and vertical flux in changing oceans

This PhD course (open to post-docs; funded by EUR-OCEANS after the March 2012 call for proposals) covers the main aspects involved in regulation of vertical...

29/07/2013 09/08/2013 4 years ago
Conference: The molecular life of diatoms (Paris, 25-28 June 2013)

Note: EOC co-funded this conference (targeting the organization of a session of particular relevance to EOC scientists) after its March 2012 call for projects.

Overview (...

25/06/2013 28/06/2013 4 years ago
International MERMEX - common strategy for studying Mediterranean Sea ecosystems and international expansion of the MERMEX project

This WS was selected for funding after the EOC 2012 call for proposal (late decision to fund an additional, twelfth proposal, made...

09/06/2013 12/06/2013 4 years ago

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