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Internal EUR-OCEANS activities

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Summer school of the HMAP program (History of Marine Animal Populations)

An HMAP (History of Marine Animal Populations ) International Summer School, titled:

When humanities meet ecology - Historic changes in Mediterranean and Black Sea marine...

31/08/2009 04/09/2009 7 years ago
Climate impacts on the Baltic Sea - from science to policy - Advanced summer course (NMA / EUR-OCEANS / DTU-Aqua)

This summer school is endorsed and co-funded by EUR-OCEANS, and co-organised by EUR-OCEANS members.

It will be held in , Nexø, Denmark, from 27 July to 5 August 2009.

It is one of...

27/07/2009 05/08/2009 7 years ago
Joint ICES & EUR-OCEANS Session F (Tuesday, 22 September) during ICES Annual Science Conference: How does fishing alter marine populations’ and ecosystems’ sensitivity to climate?

The session How does fishing alter marine...

22/09/2009 22/09/2009 7 years ago
Joint EUR-OCEANS & MEECE WS: OSMOSE model : parameterization, calibration, coupling

EUR-OCEANS co-funds (contributing to travel grants...

14/05/2009 15/05/2009 7 years ago
Research cruise April 2010 - Baltic - 2 berth spaces for EO students / scientists


17/04/2010 30/04/2010 7 years ago
'Submesoscale Flagship': Impact of submesoscale on particulate export (WP within wider project : Toward AN eddying Global Green Ocean - From TWISTED to TANGGO)

 overall TANGGO project: Toward AN eddying Global Green Ocean - From TWISTED to TANGGO, led by M. Levy (LOCEAN, UPMC) and L. Bopp (LSCE). (b) Presentation of EO-funded Work Package Impact of...

01/09/2010 31/08/2012 7 years ago
EOC 2009 Council meeting

 The first Council meeting of the EUR-OCEANS Consortium was held in Brussels on 21/01/2009.

22/01/2009 22/01/2009 6 years ago
Informal meeting preparing the launch of the EUR-OCEANS Consortium

An informal meeting of the EUR-OCEANS Consortium was held in Rome, 25 Nov. 2008, after the signature of the Consortium Agreement of 12 Jul. 2008, to prepare the launch of...

25/11/2008 25/11/2008 6 years ago
EOC 2010 Council meeting

The 2010 EUR-OCEANS Council meeting was held in Paris, France, 21 Jan. 2010.

To download the materials and meeting records listed below, you need to log in using your former...

21/01/2010 21/01/2010 6 years ago
Comparative analysis of European marine ecosystem reorganizations – a largescale approach to develop the basis for an ecosystem-based management of marine resources


This FWS will focus on an analysis of synchronies between major ecological changes in various ecosystems, thereby identifying direct and indirect effects of climatic and...

01/11/2010 03/11/2010 6 years ago

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