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Internal EUR-OCEANS activities

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Global Change in Polar Systems


This workshop is one of three to have been selected after the June 2009 call for EUR-OCEANS Foresight Workshops (FWS).

The EUR-OCEANS NoE has been a catalyst for...

15/11/2010 17/11/2010 4 years ago
Ocean Science meets -omics

1. Overview of project (adapted from the proposal)


Recent advances in molecular biology have produced an exponential increase of information on molecular and sub-...

07/11/2010 10/11/2010 6 years ago
Comparative analysis of European marine ecosystem reorganizations – a largescale approach to develop the basis for an ecosystem-based management of marine resources


This FWS will focus on an analysis of synchronies between major ecological changes in various ecosystems, thereby identifying direct and indirect effects of climatic and...

01/11/2010 03/11/2010 6 years ago
Advanced school: Complexity, adaptation and emergence in marine ecosystems


18/10/2010 27/10/2010 6 years ago
Integration of Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems: Comparison across Regional Programs - IMBIZO II


10/10/2010 14/10/2010 4 years ago
'Submesoscale Flagship': Impact of submesoscale on particulate export (WP within wider project : Toward AN eddying Global Green Ocean - From TWISTED to TANGGO)

 overall TANGGO project: Toward AN eddying Global Green Ocean - From TWISTED to TANGGO, led by M. Levy (LOCEAN, UPMC) and L. Bopp (LSCE). (b) Presentation of EO-funded Work Package Impact of...

01/09/2010 31/08/2012 7 years ago
'Scenarios Flagship': Developing seasonal and spatial foodweb models through novel statistical modelling – tools for constructing scenarios under future global change (EcoScenarios)


This 2-year project was selected as a EUR-OCEANS Flagship after the June 2009 EUR-OCEANS call. It addresses the EUR-OCEANS topic of the ”Elaboration of...

01/09/2010 31/08/2012 6 years ago
EUR-OCEANS - Europole Mer conference - The next big climate challenge: Influence of meso- and submesoscale ocean dynamics on the global carbon cycle and marine ecosytems


31/05/2010 02/06/2010 4 years ago
Research cruise April 2010 - Baltic - 2 berth spaces for EO students / scientists


17/04/2010 30/04/2010 7 years ago
CLIOTOP into the future - Building scenarios for oceanic ecosystems in the XXI Century



08/02/2010 11/02/2010 4 years ago

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