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Internal EUR-OCEANS activities

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EOC 2010 Council meeting

The 2010 EUR-OCEANS Council meeting was held in Paris, France, 21 Jan. 2010.

To download the materials and meeting records listed below, you need to log in using your former...

21/01/2010 21/01/2010 7 years ago
Economic versus ecological networks: integrating economy and ecology in scenario building for marine ecosystems – An advanced course in economic and ecological modelling drawing on the theory of network economics

This is one of three advanced courses funded / co-organised by EUR-OCEANS in 2009.

The main goal of this course is to present how the formalism of Network Economics can be applied...

24/11/2009 26/11/2009 4 years ago
Joint ICES & EUR-OCEANS Session F (Tuesday, 22 September) during ICES Annual Science Conference: How does fishing alter marine populations’ and ecosystems’ sensitivity to climate?

The session How does fishing alter marine...

22/09/2009 22/09/2009 7 years ago
Summer school of the HMAP program (History of Marine Animal Populations)

An HMAP (History of Marine Animal Populations ) International Summer School, titled:

When humanities meet ecology - Historic changes in Mediterranean and Black Sea marine...

31/08/2009 04/09/2009 7 years ago
Climate impacts on the Baltic Sea - from science to policy - Advanced summer course (NMA / EUR-OCEANS / DTU-Aqua)

This summer school is endorsed and co-funded by EUR-OCEANS, and co-organised by EUR-OCEANS members.

It will be held in , Nexø, Denmark, from 27 July to 5 August 2009.

It is one of...

27/07/2009 05/08/2009 7 years ago
Joint EUR-OCEANS & MEECE WS: OSMOSE model : parameterization, calibration, coupling

EUR-OCEANS co-funds (contributing to travel grants...

14/05/2009 15/05/2009 7 years ago
EOC 2009 Council meeting

 The first Council meeting of the EUR-OCEANS Consortium was held in Brussels on 21/01/2009.

22/01/2009 22/01/2009 7 years ago
Informal meeting preparing the launch of the EUR-OCEANS Consortium

An informal meeting of the EUR-OCEANS Consortium was held in Rome, 25 Nov. 2008, after the signature of the Consortium Agreement of 12 Jul. 2008, to prepare the launch of...

25/11/2008 25/11/2008 7 years ago

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