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EOC call for proposals - March 2012

Workshop (Foresight)
Workshop (Other)
Advanced course
Opening date: 
Closing date: 

Overview / Announcement

In 2012, EUR-OCEANS (EO) launches a single call for proposals and plans to select for funding or co-funding:

  • a number of foresight workshops (FWS), to the tune of 15 k€ per FWS
  • at most one EO conference, to the tune of 30 k€
  • other relevant activities seeking seed funding or co-funding, such as advanced courses, workshops, meetings...

Any topics addressing the themes and priorities of the EUR-OCEANS Consortium – as outlined in its 2011 strategic views document – are acceptable.

Proposals originating from the MarBEF or Marine Genomics Europe communities are encouraged, provided that such proposals involve at least one EOC Core member as a partner. In all other cases, the main organising institution should be a Core Member of the EUR-OCEANS Consortium member, or else apply to become one in 2012.

For any details, please refer to the attached documents:

  • 2012 call flyer, providing the essential information
  • Full text of call, providing details.

To submit a proposal:

  • Please use the attached proposal template and return it by the 29 April deadline to po [at]

Selection procedure

A scientific panel (comprising scientists belonging to Member Organisations) will evaluate and rank the proposals, taking into account their intrinsic scientific quality as well as their adequacy with respect to EO scientific priorities and –when relevant– the definition of EO Foresight Workshop or conferences. External experts will also be solicited. The EO Executive Committee will select proposals after this evaluation.


Nineteen proposals were received, out of which eleven were selected for funding on 4 June 2012; a twelfth proposal could in addition be funded late 2012, taking advantage of increased 2012 contributions and remnants from previous activities. In total, 12 proposals were selected, including 2 conferences, 5 foresight workshops, 4 workshops, 1 course):

  1. Molecular life of diatoms (conference; support to EUR-OCEANS section / Day 2, 5 k€)
    Proponents/Organizers: Angela Falciatore (UPMC), Maurizio Ribera d’Alcalà (SZN)
    >>    Descriptive page
  2. IMBER IMBIZO lll - The future of marine biogeochemistry, ecosystems and societies - Multi-dimensional approaches to the challenges of global change in continental margins and open ocean systems   (conference; 15 k€)
    Proponents: Eugene Murphy (NERC/BAS) and Ken Drinkwater (IMR)
    >>    Descriptive page
  3. Trait-based approaches to Ocean Life (foresight workshop; 15 k€)
    Proponents/Organizers: Ken H. Andersen (DTU-Aqua), Maurizio Ribera d'Alcalá (SZN), Markus Pahlow, (GEOMAR), Cosimo Solidoro (OGS), Patrizio Mariani (DTU-Aqua), Thomas Kiørboe (DTU-Aqua), Tomas Bohr (DTU-Physics)
    >>    Descriptive page
  4. Evolutionary Potential in Marine Populations (foresight workshop; 14.5 k€)
    Proponents/Organizers: Lisa N.S. Shama (AWI), Mathias Wegner (GEOMAR and AWI)
    >>    Descriptive page 
  5. Evaluating the status of marine ecosystems in a changing world (foresight workshop; 15 k€)
    Proponents/Organizers: Yunne-Jai SHIN (IRD), Lynne SHANNON (UCT), Alida BUNDY (DFO)
    >>    Descriptive page
  6. Building scenarios for global oceanic ecosystems and associated fisheries (foresight workshop; 15 k€)
    Proponents/Organizers: Olivier MAURY (IRD), Haritz Arrizabalaga (AZTI), Liam Campling (Queen Mary, U. London)
    >>    Descriptive page
  7. A satellite and in-situ field experiment in a turbulent ocean: Diagnosis of vertical exchanges associated with submesoscales. Impacts on air-sea exchanges and ecosystems (foresight workshop; 15 k€)
    Proponents/Organizers: Patrice Klein (Ifremer), Sabrina Speich (UBO)
    >>    Descriptive page 
  8. Impact of climate change on marine ecosystems(workshop; 7.5 k€)
    Proponents/Organizers: Mehera Kidston, Laurent Bopp (CNRS), Nicolas Gruber, Meike Vogt (ETH Zurich)
    >>    Descriptive page
  9. Ecosystem modelling in the North-West Mediterranean Sea (workshop, 8 k€)
    Proponents/Organizers: Daniela Banaru (UnivMed), Marta Coll (CSCIC/ICM)
    >>    Descriptive page
  10. Tracking marine top foragers (workshop, 8 k€)
    Proponents/Organizers: Nicolas Bez (IRD), Stéphanie Mahévas (Ifremer)
    >>    Descriptive page
  11. International MERMEX - common strategy for studying Mediterranean Sea ecosystems and international expansion of the MERMEX project (workshop; 15 k€)
    Proponents/Organizers: Richard Sempere (Aix Marseille University)
    >>    Descriptive page
  12. From bloom to gloom – Primary production, food-web processes and vertical flux in changing oceans (advanced course; 10 k€)
    Proponents/Organizers: Sigrún Huld Jónasdóttir (DTU-Aqua)
    >>    Descriptive page


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