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EOC 2012 Council meeting

EUR-OCEANS organisation / funding


The EUR-OCEANS 2012 Council meeting will be held over 1.5 day on 07-08 Feb. 2012 in Sète, France (as planned during the 2011 Council meeting). It will be hosted by IRD, at Centre de Recherche Halieutique (CRH), a joint centre of IRD, Ifremer and the University of Montpellier 2, which hosts the EUR-OCEANS project office.

The meeting will include sessions for scientific presentations, discussion of EUR-OCEANS actvities and scientific strategy. Organisational matters will also be discussed and formal decisions be taken concerning 2012 activities, budget and membership.

2012 being the last year of the current term of the Consortium, the Council will also discuss and decide on plans beyond 2012, considering the general European context and other initiatives or programmes that shape the marine sciences landscape. This context notably includes the following elements:

  • ESF Marine board
  • SEAS-ERA and other ongoing (or new) ERA-nets relevant to marine sciences
  • Joint Programming Initiative "Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans" (JPI OCEANS), which is likely to drain important national funds towards regional or pan European research projects from 2014 on (targeting projects that support governance and innovation)
  • ICES and (the marine and maritime stakeholders forum) MARCOM+
  • ongoing EuroMarine FP7 coordination action aiming at the definition of a future EuroMarine+ structure that would integrate or coordinate the networks / scientific communities corresponding to MarBEF, Marine Genomics Europe and EUR-OCEANS; this project will end in 2013 and a EuroMarine+ structure should in principle be subsequently launched
  • ESFRI projects
  • focus on innovation linked to the Europe2020 growth strategy

Pre- and post-meeting documents will be uploaded on this webpage as they become available.

Contact: po [at]


The final programme and list of participants are available below as attachments, as well as all the presentations given by external invited speaker or EO activity leaders during Day 1.

The record of the Council meeting is attached as a private attachment (only visible and downloadable by authenticated users). It has been distributed to all EOC Member Organizations representatives. It can be requested from po [at]

Sète, France
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