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EOC 2013 Council meeting - 7-8 Feb. 2013, Copenhagen, DK

EUR-OCEANS organisation / funding

Post-meeting information

The meeting record, containing formal decisions made by the EOC Council on Day 2, has been be distributed to EOC Council representatives and main contacts at EOC Member Organizations by email on 6 March 2013.

Presentations given on Day 1 (and whose online publication has been authorized; expurged when necessary of any unpublished results), as well as the presentation of the legal framework and agenda for the launch of EuroMarine+ given on Day 2, are available through the links provided in the programme below.

Day 1 - Thursday 07 February - Scientific presentations and research strategy

1. Opening    
09:15-09:30   (15') Welcome, practical information  
  Presentation of DTU-Aqua (1.4 Mb) Helge Abildhauge Thomsen (& F. Köster)
  Meeting programme, context and main decision points (0.2 Mb) P.-F. Baisnée (IRD)
2. Outcome of some recent or ongoing EOC activities (Chair: P. Mariani)  
09:30-09:40   (10') Overview of EOC activities funded in 2012 or ongoing (0.2 Mb) P.-F. Baisnée (IRD)
09:40-09:55   (15') Foresight WS: Evolutionary Potential in Marine Populations (11 Mb) L. Shama (AWI)
09:55-10:10   (15') Foresight WS: Evaluating the status of marine ecosystems in a changing world (indiSeas) (1.2 Mb) P. Cury (IRD) on behalf of organizers
10:10-10:25   (15') Foresight WS: A satellite and in-situ field experiment in a turbulent ocean: Diagnosis of vertical exchanges associated with submesoscales. Impacts on air-sea exchanges and ecosytems (1.5 Mb) P. Tréguer (UBO) on behalf of organizers
10:25-10:40   (15') Flagship (2010-12): EcoScenarios (2.7 Mb) M. Llope (CEES/UiO)
10:40-11:00   (20') Break  
11:00-11:15   (15') Flagship (2011-13): Oceans Deoxygenation (1.4 Mb) I. Montes (GEOMAR)
11:15-11:30   (15') Flagship (2011-13): Polar Ecosystem Change and Synthesis (7.5 Mb) J. Hauck (AWI)
3. Building scenarios of marine biodiversity (Chair: M. Ribera d'Alcalà)  
11:30-12:00   (30') Ocean life traits (22 Mb) K. H. Andersen (DTU-Aqua)
12:00-12:30   (30') Modelling patterns in fish species richness H. Gislason (DTU-Aqua)
12:30-13:30   (60') Lunch  
13:30-14:00   (30') Marine Ecosystems Response in the Mediterranean and the MERMEX project (11.7 Mb) R. Sempere (AMU)
4. EOC transition to EuroMarine+ (Chair: F. Köster & P. Mariani)  
14:00-14:20   (20') EOC achievements (operational + 'scenarios' topic sensus lato) and expectations for EuroMarine+ (2 Mb) P. Cury (IRD) 
  EOC achievements (hot topics on physics, biogeochemistry, and polar researches sensu lato) (1.6 Mb) & P. Tréguer (UBO)
14:20-14:35   (15') ICES perspective on European landscape for marine sciences (1.9 Mb) W. Wawrzynski (ICES)
14:35-14:55   (20') Break  
14:55-15:25   (30') EuroMarine+ research strategy (EuroMarine WP3) (0.4 Mb) C. Boyen (CNRS)
15:25-15:45   (20') European landscape of programmes and initiatives that are relevant to and overlap with EuroMarine+ (0.5 Mb) F. Köster (DTU-Aqua)
15:45-16:25   (40') Discussion of EuroMarine+ research strategy and EOC transition to EuroMarine+   
16:25-17:00   (35') Discussion of EOC 2013 activity plan (new call and funding requests, 2013 'hot-topics' conference, brochure)


09:05-09:25   (20')

Day2. Friday 08 February

Update on EuroMarine WP2 plans for the launch of EuroMarine+

Elodie Jousset (Ifremer)


Pre-meeting information

As agreed during the last Council meeting, DTU-Aqua will host EUR-OCEANS 2013 Council meeting in Copenhagen on 7-8 Feb. 2013 (caution: dates have been changed on 11 Dec. from 6-7 to 7-8!)

This 1.5-day meeting is scheduled as follows:

  • Thursday 7 Feb 2013: 9:15-17:00
  • Friday 8 Feb. 2013: 9:00-12:15

Please note that it takes approximately 40 to 50' to reach the meeting venue from the airport (metro+train). Please see the attached practical information document.

As usual, the meeting will include sessions for scientific presentations, discussion of EUR-OCEANS actvities and scientific strategy. Organisational matters will also be discussed and formal decisions be taken concerning 2013 activities, budget and membership. Because the final assembly of the EuroMarine FP7 coordination action (aiming at the definition of a future EuroMarine+ structure that would integrate or coordinate the networks / scientific communities corresponding to MarBEF, Marine Genomics Europe and EUR-OCEANS) will have taken place in Brussels on 10-11 Dec. 2012, the EOC Council meeting will represent a timely opportunity for EOC members to discuss EuroMarine concrete plans for the launch of EuroMarine+, and adjust EOC plans accordingly.

Meeting programme: see attachement.

Copenhagen, Denmark (host: DTU-Aqua)
Start date: 
End date: 

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