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Directory: individuals by EOC roles

Last name First name Functionsort icon Under affiliation of
GANDRILLON Anne-Catherine Administrative Assistant
GARITAONAINDIA Rebecca Administrative Officer AZTI
SENTOUS Philippe Administrative Officer CLS
CRISAFI Ermanno Administrative Officer CNR-IAMC
LAGGINI Maddalena Administrative Officer CoNISMa
DJURHUUS Linda Administrative Officer DTU-Aqua
GEORGIADOU Ioanna Administrative Officer HCMR
REBARDY Xavier Administrative Officer Ifremer
PIWOWARCZYK Joanna Administrative Officer IO PAS
OJAVEER Henn Administrative Officer EMI
SAAT Toomas Administrative Officer EMI
ELLIS-EVANS Cynan Administrative Officer BAS
MARTIN Denise Administrative Officer NERC
NEYTS Alexandra Administrative Officer NTNU
GHIRON Sylvain Administrative Officer Océanopolis
VESNAVER Sabina Administrative Officer OGS
CONSTANTINI Gina Administrative Officer OGS
HARDING Kathryn Administrative Officer PML
ORFANO Salvatore Administrative Officer SZN
ZURZOLO Giosuè Administrative Officer SZN
LE GOFF Eléna Administrative Officer UBO
HINRICHS Waltraud Administrative Officer Uni-HB
NEVE Gisela Administrative Officer Uni-HH
ASSABIR Abdelfattah Administrative Officer INRH
BERRAHO Abdellatif Administrative Officer INRH
ROWLAND Nanette Administrative Officer UCT
REGIDOR Adriana Administrative Officer ULPGC
GARNIER Cécile Administrative Officer UPMC
GHIRON Sylvain Aquarium Contact Océanopolis
HUSSENOT Eric Aquarium Contact Océanopolis
Associated Scientist
VADSTEIN Olav Associated Scientist
Associated Scientist
PATTI Bernardo Associated Scientist
COTRIM DA CUNHA Leticia Associated Scientist Uni-HB
COTANO Unai Associated Scientist (AS)
GASPAR Philippe Associated Scientist (AS)
SENINA Inna Associated Scientist (AS)
ROYER François Associated Scientist (AS)
HERNANDEZ Olga Associated Scientist (AS)
MORETTI Pier Francesco Associated Scientist (AS)
MURUA Hilario Associated Scientist (AS)
LEHODEY Patrick Associated Scientist (AS)
BUDILLON Giorgio Associated Scientist (AS)
UMANI Marzia Associated Scientist (AS)
ANDERSEN Ken Haste Associated Scientist (AS)
MARIANI Patrizio Associated Scientist (AS)
TOMKIEWICZ Jonna Associated Scientist (AS)
ASSIMAKOPOULOU Georgia Associated Scientist (AS)
CHRISTOU Epaminondas Associated Scientist (AS)
FRANGOULIS Constantin Associated Scientist (AS)
GIANNAKOUROU Antonia Associated Scientist (AS)
GIANNOULAKI Marianna Associated Scientist (AS)
GOGOU Alexandra Associated Scientist (AS)
HANNIDES Cecelia Associated Scientist (AS)
KRASAKOPOULOU Evangelia Associated Scientist (AS)
NITTIS Kostas Associated Scientist (AS)
PETIHAKIS George Associated Scientist (AS)
PITTA Paraskevi Associated Scientist (AS)
PSARRA Stella Associated Scientist (AS)
SOUVERMEZOGLOU Ekaterini Associated Scientist (AS)
TRIANTAFYLLOU George Associated Scientist (AS)
ZERVOUDAKI Soultana Associated Scientist (AS)
BRIND'AMOUR Anik Associated Scientist (AS)
LAZURE Pascal Associated Scientist (AS)
TRENKEL Verena Associated Scientist (AS)
VAZ Sandrine Associated Scientist (AS)
ANDERSEN Valérie Associated Scientist (AS)
BEAUVAIS Sophie Associated Scientist (AS)
BONNET Delphine Associated Scientist (AS)
BOYE Marie Associated Scientist (AS)
CHAMI Malik Associated Scientist (AS)
CHRISTAKI Urania Associated Scientist (AS)
COPPOLA Laurent Associated Scientist (AS)
CORVAISIER Rudolph Associated Scientist (AS)
GASPARINI Stéphane Associated Scientist (AS)
GORSKY Gabriel Associated Scientist (AS)
GRIGOROV Ivo Associated Scientist (AS)
GUIEU Cécile Associated Scientist (AS)
LEFEVRE Dominique Associated Scientist (AS)
LEHODEY Patrick Associated Scientist (AS)
LHUILLERY Marie Associated Scientist (AS)
PESANT Stéphane Associated Scientist (AS)
ROY Sylvie Associated Scientist (AS)
RUSH Darci Associated Scientist (AS)
SARTHOU Geraldine Associated Scientist (AS)
SCIANDRA Antoine Associated Scientist (AS)
SEMPERE Richard Associated Scientist (AS)
STEMMANN Lars Associated Scientist (AS)
TAALBA Abderrahmane, Nassim Associated Scientist (AS)
TAMBURINI Christian Associated Scientist (AS)
TANAKA Tsuneo Associated Scientist (AS)
WEINBAUER Markus Associated Scientist (AS)
BELDOWSKI Jacek Associated Scientist (AS)
KUTSER Tiit Associated Scientist (AS)
CAVANAGH Rachel Associated Scientist (AS)
CUNNINGHAM Nathan Associated Scientist (AS)
ENRIGHT Clare Associated Scientist (AS)
FRASER Keiron Associated Scientist (AS)
GOSSELIN Marie-Pierre Associated Scientist (AS)
GRIFFITHS Gwyn Associated Scientist (AS)
HARTMAN Susan Associated Scientist (AS)
HILL Simeon Associated Scientist (AS)
JOHNSTON Nadine Associated Scientist (AS)
KINGDON Andrew Associated Scientist (AS)
LARKIN Kate Associated Scientist (AS)
MARTIN Philip Associated Scientist (AS)
MOWLEM Matt Associated Scientist (AS)
ROBINSON Carol Associated Scientist (AS)
TANCELL Claire Associated Scientist (AS)
JOHNSEN Geir Associated Scientist (AS)
HANCKE Kasper Associated Scientist (AS)
OLSEN Lasse Associated Scientist (AS)
TOKLE Nils Associated Scientist (AS)
COSSARINI Gianpiero Associated Scientist (AS)
GERIN Riccardo Associated Scientist (AS)
LIBRALATO Simone Associated Scientist (AS)
MELAKU CANU Donata Associated Scientist (AS)
LAZZARI Paolo Associated Scientist (AS)
IBELLO Valeria Associated Scientist (AS)
BANDELJ Vinko Associated Scientist (AS)
CRAWFURD Katharine Associated Scientist (AS)
FILEMAN Elaine Associated Scientist (AS)
HEARD Jessica Associated Scientist (AS)
JONES Nancy Associated Scientist (AS)
LOHAN Maeve Associated Scientist (AS)
MARTINEZ VICENTE Victor Associated Scientist (AS)
OUBELKHEIR Kadija Associated Scientist (AS)
REES Andy Associated Scientist (AS)
TILSTONE Gavin Associated Scientist (AS)
TORRES Ricardo Associated Scientist (AS)
CASOTTI Raffaella Associated Scientist (AS)
IUDICONE Daniele Associated Scientist (AS)
MAZZOCCHI Maria Grazia Associated Scientist (AS)
GENTE Pascal Associated Scientist (AS)
HUBER Robert Associated Scientist (AS)
BACKHAUS Jan O. Associated Scientist (AS)
DIEKMANN Rabea Associated Scientist (AS)
PETERS Janna Associated Scientist (AS)
BRANDER Keith Associated Scientist (AS)
MUNK Peter Associated Scientist (AS)
JÓNASDÓTTIR Sigrún Huld Associated Scientist (AS)
QUEGUINER Bernard Associated Scientist (AS)
DEKEYSER Ivan Associated Scientist (AS)
MANTOURA Fauzi Associated Scientist (AS)
CHBANI IDRISSI Mostafa Associated Scientist (AS)
ETTAHIRI Omar Associated Scientist (AS)
MASSKI Hicham Associated Scientist (AS)
MOLONEY Coleen Associated Scientist (AS)
SHANNON Lynne Associated Scientist (AS)
TRAVERS Morgane Associated Scientist (AS)
HERNANDEZ-GUERRA Alonso Associated Scientist (AS)
HERNANDEZ-LEON Santiago Associated Scientist (AS)
KLEIN Patrice Associated Scientist (AS)
DOSDAT Antoine Associated Scientist (AS)
GROS Philppe Associated Scientist (AS)
PRIEUR Patrick Associated Scientist (AS)
PAULET Yves-Marie Associated Scientist (AS)
SCHMITT François Associated Scientist (AS)
GATTUSO Jean-Pierre Associated Scientist (AS)
KOPPELMANN Rolf Associated Scientist (AS)
DOLAN John Associated Scientist (AS)
DITTERT Nicolas Associated Scientist (AS)
CLAUSTRE Hervé Associated Scientist (AS)
GASPAR Philippe Contact Scientist CLS
BATHMANN Uli Contact Scientist AWI
IRIGOIEN Xabier Contact Scientist AZTI
GIULIANO Laura Contact Scientist CNR-IAMC
ZAVATARELLI Marco Contact Scientist CoNISMa
KÖSTER Friedrich W Contact Scientist DTU-Aqua
SIOKOU-FRANGOU Ioanna Contact Scientist HCMR
MACHIAS Athanassios Contact Scientist HCMR
MARIANI Patrizio Contact Scientist DTU-Aqua
PETITGAS Pierre Contact Scientist Ifremer
TREGUER Paul Contact Scientist UBO
MONFRAY Patrick Contact Scientist INSU
PEMPKOWIAK Janusz Contact Scientist IO PAS
OJAVEER Henn Contact Scientist EMI
LAMPITT Richard Contact Scientist NOC
MURPHY Eugene Contact Scientist BAS
SAKSHAUG Egil Contact Scientist NTNU
GHIRON Sylvain Contact Scientist Océanopolis
CRISE Alessandro Contact Scientist OGS
HARRIS Roger Contact Scientist PML
RIBERA D'ALCALA Maurizio Contact Scientist SZN
GENTE Pascal Contact Scientist UBO
DIEPENBROEK Michael Contact Scientist Uni-HB
ST JOHN Michael Contact Scientist Uni-HH
SEMPERE Richard Contact Scientist UnivMed
QUEGUINER Bernard Contact Scientist UnivMed
KIFANI Souad Contact Scientist INRH
FIELD John Contact Scientist UCT
ARISTEGUI Javier Contact Scientist ULPGC
TREGUER Paul Contact Scientist INSU
ALLEN Icarus Contact Scientist PML
PAULET Yves-Marie Contact Scientist UBO
MANTOURA Fauzi Executive Committee Member
BATHMANN Uli Executive Committee Member
IRIGOIEN Xabier Executive Committee Member
TREGUER Paul Executive Committee Member
KÖSTER Friedrich W Executive Committee Member
CURY Philippe Executive Committee Member
BAISNEE Pierre-François Executive Committee Member
MURPHY Eugene Executive Committee Member
MARIANI Patrizio Executive Committee Substitute Member
BAISNEE Pierre-François Executive Director
AUDEBERT Catherine Financial Officer AWI
GARITAONAINDIA Rebecca Financial Officer AZTI
SENTOUS Philippe Financial Officer CLS
CRISAFI Ermanno Financial Officer CNR-IAMC
NEYTS Alexandra Financial Officer NTNU
ARCHIDIACONO Nicola Financial Officer OGS
LOYNES David G W Financial Officer PML
SARRACINO Laurence Financial Officer UnivMed
BIRON Claire Financial Officer UPMC
REBARDY Xavier Legal adviser Ifremer
MARTIN Denise Legal adviser NERC
LE GOFF Eléna Legal adviser UBO
VASSAL Christophe Legal representative CLS
CAVARETTA Giuseppe Legal representative CNR-IAMC
POZO CARRO Rogelio Legal representative AZTI
CRISAFI Ermanno Legal representative CNR-IAMC
CORSELLI Cesare Legal representative CoNISMa
LAURENT Michel Legal representative IRD
CHRONIS George Legal representative HCMR
HERAL Maurice Legal representative Ifremer
LE QUEAU Dominique Legal representative INSU
MIGUS Arnold Legal representative CNRS
MASSEL Stanislaw Legal representative IO PAS
SAAT Toomas Legal representative EMI
ELLIS-EVANS Cynan Legal representative BAS
IVAR MAUDAL Per Legal representative NTNU
HUSSENOT Eric Legal representative Océanopolis
MARSON Iginio Legal representative OGS
CLARIDGE Peter Legal representative PML
DI LAURO Roberto Legal representative SZN
OLIVARD Pascal Legal representative UBO
RUEDIGER KUECK Gerd Legal representative Uni-HB
KÖSTER Friedrich W Legal representative DTU-Aqua
BERLAND Yvon Legal representative UnivMed
BERRAHO Abdellatif Legal representative INRH
BARNARD Piet Legal representative UCT
FERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZ Antonio Legal representative ULPGC
HILL Ed Legal representative NOC
CHRONIS George Legal representative HCMR
MANTOURA Fauzi Legal representative UPMC
KÜCK G.-R. Legal representative Uni-HB
STIEHL H. S. Legal representative Uni-HH
REINKE Manfred Legal representative AWI
DIGERNES Torbjørn Legal representative NTNU
CORSELLI Cesare Legal representative CoNISMa
CAVARETTA Giuseppe Legal representative CNR-IAMC
FERNANDES Jose A. PhD student
BACHILLER Eneko PhD student
LAGARIA Anna PhD student
MOUTSOPOULOS Thanassis PhD student
NIKOLIOUDAKIS Nikolaos PhD student
TSAGARAKIS Konstantinos PhD student
REECHT Yves PhD student
ADJOU Mohamed Adlène PhD student
CATTANEO Raffaela PhD student
FIORINI Sarah PhD student
LACOMBE Marielle PhD student
MOLINA Ernesto PhD student
NIKIEMA Oumarou PhD student
NOYON Margaux PhD student
NUGRAHA Adi PhD student
ROSSI Vincent PhD student
UITZ Julia PhD student
VONG Lilita PhD student
HUZARSKA Katarzyna PhD student
KULINSKI Karol PhD student
MIOTK Michal PhD student
ZABORSKA Agata PhD student
PÕLLUPÜÜ Maria PhD student
PÕLLUMÄE Arno PhD student
BEEKMANS Bas PhD student
MORIARTY Roisin PhD student
VOGT Meike PhD student
VOLTOLINA Fabio PhD student
ELOIRE Damien PhD student
HELAOUET Pierre PhD student
HIGHFIELD James PhD student
STROMBERG Patrik PhD student
D'ALELIO Domenico PhD student
ESPOSITO Serena PhD student
RIBALET Francois PhD student
JACOBY Charles PhD student
MÖLLER Klas Ove PhD student
RAMZI Azeddine PhD student
CAZASSUS Fabienne PhD student
GHERBEHIWET Dawit PhD student
NEIRA Sergio PhD student
ALONSO GONZÁLEZ Iván Julio PhD student
BALTAR Federico PhD student
CALDENTEY Paula PhD student
HERRERA RIVERO Inmaculada PhD student
LANDEIRA Jose Maria PhD student
PECQUERIE Laure PhD student
CHIFFLET Marina Post-Doc
MATTIA Gelsomina Post-Doc
HUWER Bastian Post-Doc
EICHINGER Marie Post-Doc
ALVAIN Séverine Post-Doc
BERLINE Léo Post-Doc
LOMBARD Fabien Post-Doc
MONGIN Mathieu Post-Doc
SPYRES Georgina Post-Doc
STEPHENS Nicholas Post-Doc
WAKE Bronwyn Post-Doc
LE FOUEST Vincent Post-Doc
KIMMANCE Susan Post-Doc
CAROTENUTO Ylenia Post-Doc
IRIGOIEN Xabier Principal Investigator (PI)
GIULIANO Laura Principal Investigator (PI)
SANTOLERI Rosalia Principal Investigator (PI)
SPROVIERI Mario Principal Investigator (PI)
DANOVARO Roberto Principal Investigator (PI)
FABIANO Mauro Principal Investigator (PI)
FONDA UMANI Serena Principal Investigator (PI)
ZAVATARELLI Marco Principal Investigator (PI)
GISLASON Henrik Principal Investigator (PI)
KIORBOE Thomas Principal Investigator (PI)
KÖSTER Friedrich W Principal Investigator (PI)
MACKENZIE Brian Principal Investigator (PI)
VISSER André Principal Investigator (PI)
MACHIAS Athanassios Principal Investigator (PI)
MIHALOPOULOS Nikolaos Principal Investigator (PI)
SIOKOU-FRANGOU Ioanna Principal Investigator (PI)
STERGIOU Konstantinos Principal Investigator (PI)
THEOCHARIS Alexander Principal Investigator (PI)
FROMENTIN Jean-Marc Principal Investigator (PI)
PETITGAS Pierre Principal Investigator (PI)
ROCHET Marie-Joëlle Principal Investigator (PI)
ANTOINE David Principal Investigator (PI)
BEAUGRAND Grégory Principal Investigator (PI)
BLAIN Stéphane Principal Investigator (PI)
BOPP Laurent Principal Investigator (PI)
CARLOTTI François Principal Investigator (PI)
GOUTX Madeleine Principal Investigator (PI)
GOYET Catherine Principal Investigator (PI)
LEGENDRE Louis Principal Investigator (PI)
MAYZAUD Patrick Principal Investigator (PI)
MEMERY Laurent Principal Investigator (PI)
MONFRAY Patrick Principal Investigator (PI)
PONDAVEN Philippe Principal Investigator (PI)
QUEGUINER Bernard Principal Investigator (PI)
RASSOULZADEGAN Fereidoun Principal Investigator (PI)
TREGUER Paul Principal Investigator (PI)
PEMPKOWIAK Janusz Principal Investigator (PI)
OJAVEER Henn Principal Investigator (PI)
BURKILL Peter Principal Investigator (PI)
KING John Principal Investigator (PI)
LAMPITT Richard Principal Investigator (PI)
LE QUERE Corinne Principal Investigator (PI)
MURPHY Eugene Principal Investigator (PI)
POLLARD Raymond Principal Investigator (PI)
STATHAM Peter Principal Investigator (PI)
TRATHAN Philip Neil Principal Investigator (PI)
OLSEN Yngvar Principal Investigator (PI)
SAKSHAUG Egil Principal Investigator (PI)
GHIRON Sylvain Principal Investigator (PI)
CRISE Alessandro Principal Investigator (PI)
GACIC Miroslav Principal Investigator (PI)
SOLIDORO Cosimo Principal Investigator (PI)
ALLEN Icarus Principal Investigator (PI)
BARANGE Manuel Principal Investigator (PI)
HARRIS Roger Principal Investigator (PI)
REID Philip Christopher Principal Investigator (PI)
TURLEY Carol Principal Investigator (PI)
IANORA Adrianna Principal Investigator (PI)
MONTRESOR Marina Principal Investigator (PI)
RIBERA D'ALCALA Maurizio Principal Investigator (PI)
DIEPENBROEK Michael Principal Investigator (PI)
WEFER Gerold Principal Investigator (PI)
EMEIS Kay-Christian Principal Investigator (PI)
MÖLLMANN Christian Principal Investigator (PI)
ST JOHN Michael Principal Investigator (PI)
QUEGUINER Bernard Principal Investigator (PI)
SEMPERE Richard Principal Investigator (PI)
KIFANI Souad Principal Investigator (PI)
FIELD John Principal Investigator (PI)
ARISTEGUI Javier Principal Investigator (PI)
GARCON Véronique Principal Investigator (PI)
CHANGEUX Thomas Representative to Council IRD
DUMMERMUTH Angelika Representative to Council AWI
GASPAR Philippe Representative to Council CLS
MOTOS Lorenzo Representative to Council AZTI
GIULIANO Laura Representative to Council CNR-IAMC
ZAVATARELLI Marco Representative to Council CoNISMa
KÖSTER Friedrich W Representative to Council DTU-Aqua
SIOKOU-FRANGOU Ioanna Representative to Council HCMR
HERAL Maurice Representative to Council Ifremer
LE QUEAU Dominique Representative to Council INSU
MONFRAY Patrick Representative to Council INSU
PEMPKOWIAK Janusz Representative to Council IO PAS
SAAT Toomas Representative to Council EMI
ELLIS-EVANS Cynan Representative to Council BAS
OWENS Nicholas Representative to Council BAS
SAKSHAUG Egil Representative to Council NTNU
HUSSENOT Eric Representative to Council Océanopolis
CRISE Alessandro Representative to Council OGS
RIBERA D'ALCALA Maurizio Representative to Council SZN
DIEPENBROEK Michael Representative to Council Uni-HB
ST JOHN Michael Representative to Council Uni-HH
QUEGUINER Bernard Representative to Council UnivMed
MANTOURA Fauzi Representative to Council UPMC
HILL Ed Representative to Council NOC
PAULET Yves-Marie Representative to Council UBO
CURY Philippe Scientific Coordinator
CHANGEUX Thomas Scientific Officer IRD
BIEBOW Nicole Scientific Officer AWI
GENTE Pascal Scientific Officer UBO
TALEB Said Scientific Officer INRH
CHASSOT Emmanuel Scientific Panel Representative IRD
GASPAR Philippe Scientific Panel Representative CLS
WOLF-GLADROW Dieter Scientific Panel Representative AWI
IRIGOIEN Xabier Scientific Panel Representative AZTI
GIULIANO Laura Scientific Panel Representative CNR-IAMC
ANDERSEN Ken Haste Scientific Panel Representative DTU-Aqua
SIOKOU-FRANGOU Ioanna Scientific Panel Representative HCMR
PETITGAS Pierre Scientific Panel Representative Ifremer
OJAVEER Henn Scientific Panel Representative EMI
JOHNSEN Geir Scientific Panel Representative NTNU
CRISE Alessandro Scientific Panel Representative OGS
ST JOHN Michael Scientific Panel Representative Uni-HH
QUEGUINER Bernard Scientific Panel Representative UnivMed
LEGENDRE Louis Scientific Panel Representative UPMC
MORETTI Pier Francesco Scientific Panel Substitute Representative CNR-IAMC
MOTOS Lorenzo Scientific Panel Substitute Representative AZTI
LEHODEY Patrick Scientific Panel Substitute Representative CLS
MACKENZIE Brian Scientific Panel Substitute Representative DTU-Aqua
MACHIAS Athanassios Scientific Panel Substitute Representative HCMR
SAKSHAUG Egil Scientific Panel Substitute Representative NTNU
SOLIDORO Cosimo Scientific Panel Substitute Representative OGS
MÖLLMANN Christian Scientific Panel Substitute Representative Uni-HH
SEMPERE Richard Scientific Panel Substitute Representative UnivMed
LE BARON Philippe Scientific Panel Substitute Representative UPMC
BATHMANN Uli Substitute Representative to Council AWI
IRIGOIEN Xabier Substitute Representative to Council AZTI
VALLERGA Silvana Substitute Representative to Council CNR-IAMC
LEHODEY Patrick Substitute Representative to Council CLS
FABIANO Mauro Substitute Representative to Council CoNISMa
CURY Philippe Substitute Representative to Council IRD
PETITGAS Pierre Substitute Representative to Council Ifremer
TREGUER Paul Substitute Representative to Council INSU
MASSEL Stanislaw Substitute Representative to Council IO PAS
OJAVEER Henn Substitute Representative to Council EMI
LAMPITT Richard Substitute Representative to Council NOC
MURPHY Eugene Substitute Representative to Council BAS
OLSEN Yngvar Substitute Representative to Council NTNU
GHIRON Sylvain Substitute Representative to Council Océanopolis
SOLIDORO Cosimo Substitute Representative to Council OGS
CLARIDGE Peter Substitute Representative to Council PML
MONTRESOR Marina Substitute Representative to Council SZN
EMEIS Kay-Christian Substitute Representative to Council Uni-HH
SEMPERE Richard Substitute Representative to Council UnivMed
DITTERT Nicolas Substitute Representative to Council Uni-HB
URIARTE Adolfo Substitute Representative to Council AZTI
AMUTENYA Kondja Technical staff
DI CAPUA Iole Technical staff
CHARIB Said Technical staff
ERROUAGUI Rachid Technical staff
POTGIETER Michelle Technical staff
NIEVES Lidia Technical staff
GANDRILLON Anne-Catherine Web editor
BAISNEE Pierre-François Webmaster

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