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Knowledge Transfer Database

Origin and purpose

The EUR-OCEANS Knowledge Transfer contacts database contains the details of a selection of organisations from across the world that have an interest in the specific activities and outputs of the EUR-OCEANS scientific community.

It was originally developed by the EUR-OCEANS Network of Excellence (2005-2008). It has since been taken up, expanded and updated by the MEECE project, whose topic strongly overlaps with that of the former EUR-OCEANS Network of Excellence.

Access the database

You can access the MEECE Knowledge Transfer contacts database from the MEECE website.


The merging of this database with similar ones often produced within the context of other marine science networks or projects, to develop a web service and/or common database and portal will be proposed within the EuroMarine coordination and support action which gathers the MGE, MarBEF and EUR-OCEANS networks.

Such a project would let new projects rely, for their own needs/websites, on this common database, which they would be able to maintain and customize as required. It would thus avoid a wasteful duplication of efforts in future projects that would otherwise tend to develop their own separate (yet strongly overlapping) databases.


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