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End-to-end Ecosystem Model Demonstration

end-to-end highlight imageBluefin tuna individual behaviour in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea will be investigated with high resolution simulations of the mid-trophic components of the pelagic ecosystem using the SEAPODYM and PISCES models. The end-to-end ecosystem model demonstration will be performed by Inna Senina, as part of an EUROCEANS-funded postdoc position under the supervision of J-M Fromentin (IFREMER) and Manuel Barange (GLOBEC IPO). Compilation of existing biological data of forage species in the area of interest will be done in order to assimilate them into coupled predator-prey model (SEAPODYM) and thus find the optimal parameterisation for modelling mid-trophic level dynamics. Adjoint technique and quasi-Newton minimization method will be used to conduct data assimilation study. The coupling of PISCES-OPA physical-biogeochemical model to the optimized representation of the mid-trophic levels of the pelagic ecosystem (SEAPODYM) will provide prey fields of Bluefin tuna that are the key missing information to understand the behaviour and migration routes of this species in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. Predicted biomass distributions of mid-trophic components should have a large scope of applications. It can help in investigating individual behaviour of other large predators tracked with electronic or GPS tags (other tuna species, marine mammals, turtles, sharks, seabirds…), and they can serve in the definition of habitats of these predator’s populations that are a requisite to improve the monitoring and management of their populations and to build up a real integrated end-to-end ecosystem model, i.e. from physics to fish, fisheries and fishing economy.

Principal Investigators:
Dr J-M Fromentin, IFREMER, Dr Manuel Barange, GLOBEC IPO, 

John Sibert, JIMAR,, Patrick Lehodey, CLS,, Molly Lutcavage, University of New Hampshire,, Philippe Gaspar, CLS,, Olivier Aumont, IRD, 

- Model Information from the MOdel Shopping Tool (MoST):
  PISCES description and PISCES equations SEAPODYM description
- Last EUR-OCEANS Post-Doc Call - full details : see attachment


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