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Perspectives: Rapid Domestication of Marine Species

Many more marine species are used as food (More than 3000 marine species are used as a food resource, compared to fewer than 200 land species. Thanks to shorter life cycles, rapid reproduction and no known human pathogens transferred from marine species, they are an attractive target for domestication and aquaculture.

The topic is explored in a ‘Perspectives’ article in Science (Vol 316, April 20 2007), demonstrating the recent rapid increase in marine species domestication, 90% of which has been achieved in phase with the progress in science in technology over the last 100 years. The 'Perspectives' article also outlines the benefits and potential impact on ecosystems.

Carlos Duarte
*, Nuria Marba, Marianne Holmer 2007. Rapid Domestication of Marine Species, Science Vol 316, pp382-383

* EUROCEANS PIs and MarBEF EC member


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