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NEMURO – end-2-end ecosystem model prototype

A special issue of Ecological Modelling focuses on the NEMURO effort to couple trophic levels using the NEMURO lower trophic level eulerian biogeochemistry model to the bioenergetics-based NEMURO.FISH model.

NEMURO (North Pacific Ecosystem Model Used for Regional Oceanography) is developed by the PICES CCCC (Climate Change and Carrying Capacity program) MODEL TaskTeam. In its current configuration, the N-based end-to-end ecosystem model prototype includes 11 state variables (with size fractionated plankton groups) and single species representation at higher trophic levels (fish). The coupled model is driven by CCSR COCO ocean physics model, and future configurations are planned to include additional biological state variables and species competition and predation at fish trophic levels.

Included articles in the special issue deal with oceanic biogeochemistry, regional and seasonal variability of phytoplankton and zooplankton, reconstruction of 40–50 years of plankton dynamics, effects of climate on herring and saury growth and population dynamics, the feasibility of automatic calibration methods, the sensitivity of the model to parameter values, and projections of future states of the ecosystem under global warming. Detailed model descriptions and model equations and parameters can be found in the Model Shopping Tool database (see links below).

Full Reference:
Ecological Modelling
Volume 202, Issues 1-2,  Pages 1-224 (24 March 2007)
Special Issue on NEMURO (North Pacific Ecosystem Model for Understanding Regional Oceanography) and NEMURO.FISH (NEMURO for Including Saury and Herring) - Modeling of North Pacific Marine Ecosystems

Edited by Michio J. Kishi, Bernard A. Megrey, Shin-ichi Ito and Francisco E. Werner

- NEMURO biogeochemistry model description and equations NEMURO.FISH model description and equations (provided by the Model Shopping Tool)
- EUROCEANS Factsheet: Ecosystem approach to marine resources – moving from ‘fisheries oceanography’ to ‘ecosystem oceanography’

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