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CLIOTOP into the future - Building scenarios for oceanic ecosystems in the XXI Century

Workshop (Foresight)
EUR-OCEANS organisation / funding


CLIOTOP ( is a 10-year scientific Programme which has been operating since 2005 as a GLOBEC Core Programme and which will operate for the next five years under the IMBER Programme, the two IOC/SCOR/IGBP sponsored Programmes focusing on marine ecosystems.

CLIOTOP mid-term workshop is one of three workshops that were selected as EUR-OCEANS Foresight Workshops after EUR-OCEANS June 2009 call.

One of the goal of the WS is to define and specify the new general directions of the Programme (2010-2015).

Targeted new activities or 'scientific products':

  • the CLIOTOP-MDST (Model and Data Sharing Tool gathering global data sets of different type and model outputs at the global scale and displaying them through a single web interface to stimulate comparative analysis),
  • the CLIOTOP-MAAS (Mid-trophic Automatic Acoustic Sampler to deploy large scale arrays of autonomous drifting acoustic recorders),
  • the CLIOTOP-ESM (Earth System Modelling framework coupling models from physics to fish to markets),
  • the CLIOTOP-SEE (Scenarios of Ecosystem Evolution from short- to long-term including food security issues associated to oceanic fisheries and conservation of charismatic top predator species),
  • the CLIOTOP-SIP (Synthetic Indicator Panel integrating data and model outputs for an ecosystem approach to oceanic fisheries in a climate change perspective).

Expected outputs:

  • Publication of the implementation plan for phase 2 of CLIOTOP in the IMBER Report Series, as an addendum to the CLIOTOP Science Plan.
  • Publication of a position paper in a high impact factor journal.


A report on the WS was published as an article in both the GLOBEC and IMBER newsletters:

As of Oct. 2010, a position paper is being finalized.

Activity leader(s): 
Olivier Maury, Patrick Lehodey
UNESCO, Paris, France
Financial support: 
12,000€ (from EUR-OCEANS to FWS organisers)
Start date: 
End date: 

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