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Comment / suggest membership, contribution, participation rules

After a Jan. 2010 EO Council decision, Core membership implies an annual in-kind contribution from 2010 on. The minimal annual in-cash contributions has not changed (5000 €). In kind contributions are welcome, but they are not accounted for in EO annual accounts and do not offset in-cash contribution or provide voting rights except in very exceptional cases (where they can be precisely identified and assessed ex ante, have a clear value for all members, etc.) and after Council approval. Members choosing not to contribute in cash become "Invited Members". Invited Members can participate in activity at their own expense; they do not have voting rights and cannot lead EO activities.

This topic can be used to comment current rules and suggest evolutions. Posted materials will be synthesised and put forward to the Council. You need to log in to read or post contributions under this topic.

Supporting documents (soon to be made available):
- EO Consortium founding agreement (2008)
- Jan. 2010 Council meeting record.

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