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Global Change in Polar Systems

Workshop (Foresight)
EUR-OCEANS organisation / funding


This workshop is one of three to have been selected after the June 2009 call for EUR-OCEANS Foresight Workshops (FWS).

The EUR-OCEANS NoE has been a catalyst for developing a solid sub-network of research scientists in Southern Ocean science. The development of the 10-year international Integrating Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics in the Southern Ocean programme (ICED) - the first regional IMBER programme- ICED-IPY, was in large part due to the foresight and financial and administrative help of EUR-OCEANS.

The proposed foresight workshop will provide a timely opportunity to gather key European scientists to consider:

  • key changes in polar marine ecosystems that are occurring as a result of climate and anthropogenic drivers;
  • key responses of polar marine ecosystems that may be expected under future change scenarios;
  • key regions in polar marine ecosystems to detect the impacts of change and understand the response mechanisms involved (these should encompass the full range of ecological and physical systems and levels of change in these ecosystems);
  • key data requirements (both historical and future) for detecting change in polar marine ecosystems (e.g. long-term physical and biological monitoring data, biodiversity data).

It is anticipated that the outcomes of this workshop will not only be of immediate benefit to the international science community, but will build the foundations fo:

  1. planning and coordinating future fieldwork activities to detect natural and anthropogenic change in polar ecosystems,
  2. creating a EUR-OCEANS Flagship in Polar Science and
  3. shaping future EUR-OCEANS calls in this research area under the European Framework Programme.

Participation will be by invitation only.

Contact: Uli Bathmann & Eugene Murphy or EUR-OCEANS project office (

Programme, participants

Please see the attachments Section below.


Please see the attached WS report (and the subsequent 'Polar' flagship)


Activity leader(s): 
Uli Bathmann & Eugene Murphy
Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Bremerhaven, Germany
Financial support: 
Through organisers - EO FWS funding 12 k€
Start date: 
End date: 

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