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Comparative analysis of European marine ecosystem reorganizations – a largescale approach to develop the basis for an ecosystem-based management of marine resources

Workshop (Foresight)
EUR-OCEANS organisation / funding


This FWS will focus on an analysis of synchronies between major ecological changes in various ecosystems, thereby identifying direct and indirect effects of climatic and anthropogenic drivers as well as mediator mechanisms.

Methods: The analysis will rely on a number of statistical methods (PCA, GLM, GAM, AIC, GAMM).

This FWS has two major objectives:

  1. Development of strategies and methodologies for comparative analyses that can be applied consistently across spatial and temporal scales and ecosystems.
  2. To develop a science plan (e.g. for a EUR-OCEANS flagship or other European Union scientific calls) for the investigation of marine ecosystem reorganizations, especially directed towards the development of ecosystem-based management strategies of living marine resources.

Foreseen outputs:

  1. a review paper summarizing the results of the meta‐analysis of regime shifts in European marine ecosystems
  2. a science plan for future investigations on marine ecosystem reorganizations directed towards developing ecosystem‐based management strategies for the European Seas.

 Participation will be by invitation only. Contact: Christian Möllmann or EUR-OCEANS project office (

 For details, please refer to the attached FWS presentation (EO Council meeting, 21 Jan. 2010).


Outputs will be documented here when made available.

Activity leader(s): 
Christian Möllmann, University of Hamburg, Germany; Nils-Christian Stenseth – CEES, University of Oslo, Norway; Martin Edwards – Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science (SAHFOS); Alessandra Conversi – National Research Council, Marine Sciences Institute ‐ La Spezia, Italy
Institute for Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science, University of Hamburg, Germany
Financial support: 
Possible through organisers - EO FWS funding: 12 k€
Start date: 
End date: 

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