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Integration of Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems: Comparison across Regional Programs - IMBIZO II

EUR-OCEANS organisation / funding

Overview - Link to presentations and outputs

This "conference" will consist of three concurrent and interacting workshops, replicating the successful format of the first IMBER IMBIZO event. The goal is to progress on the identification of key interactions between marine biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems, and on the assessment of how these interactions respond to complex natural and anthropogenic forcings.

  • Workshop 1: The effect of varying element ratios on community structure at low trophic levels and food quality at mid and high trophic levels
    >> Overview
    >> Presentations (PDF)
  • Workshop 2: Large-scale regional comparisons of marine biogeochemistry and ecosystem processes - research approaches and results
    >> Overview
    >> Presentations (PDF)
  • Workshop 3: Sensitivity of marine food webs and biogeochemical cycles to enhanced stratification
    >> Overview
    >> Presentations (PDF)

A full report of the meeting will be published in an upcoming IMBER Newsletter.

Organizing Committee

Contact and additional information

Activity leader(s): 
Ken Drinkwater, Alexandra Gogou, Julie Hall, Raleigh Hood, Michio Kishi, Michael Landry, Lisa Maddison, Coleen Moloney, Wajih Naqvi, Dan Repeta, Rory Wilson Jing Zhang
Cretaquarium, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Financial support: 
Online applications possible through conference website - EUR-OCEANS support to organizers: 10 k€
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End date: 
Abstract submission deadline: 

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