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EUR-OCEANS Conference on Indicators for an ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM) - 'Comparing the status of marine ecosystems in a changing world'

Workshop (Other)
EUR-OCEANS organisation / funding

This is one of three Conference projects that were selected for EUR-OCEANS funding after the December 2008 EUR-OCEANS call.

This project has since been reformatted as a workshop, to be held at Unesco (Paris, France), 29 Nov.-2 Dec. 2010.


The EUR-OCEANS NoE has supported a series of workshops focusing on the development and application of a series of (state and trend) indicators for an ecosystem-based approach to fisheries. This WS series resulted in a public website (indiSeas) and a special issue of the ICES Journal for Marine Science (67). The approach is described here.

Objectives of the workshop / phase 2 of the indiSeas project

The 2010 WS will launch a second phase of the indiSeas project aiming at:

  • expanding the coverage of ecosystems (beying the 20 ecosystems included in the initial indiSeas project)
  • bridging the indiSeas approach with that of other working groups (notably ICES)
  • improving the method (e.g. working on the definition of reference points)
  • expanding the scope of the approach to include climate and biodiversity or conservation indicators
  • linking with other expert groups to plan the integration of socio-economic indicators
  • carry out comparative exercise between the ecosystems covered by indiSeas.


po [at]
yunne-jai.shin [at]

Activity leader(s): 
Y. Shin, IRD, France; L. Shannon, UCT, South Africa; A. Bundy, DFO, Canada
Unesco, Paris, France
Financial support: 
EUR-OCEANS support to organizers: 10 k€
Start date: 
End date: 

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