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EO Call - support to Advanced Courses projects - March 2010

Advanced course
Opening date: 
Closing date: 

Call Description

In 2010, as in 2009, EUR-OCEANS will not fund entire summer school projects but instead bring partial, complementary support to existing summer school projects or other advanced course projects (co-)organised by EUR-OCEANS members and taking place in 2010.

Support to each project will amount to 5,000 €.

Application and selection procedure

Given the relative modicity of the EUR-OCEANS funding level and timing considerations, a simplified procedure will be used for this call:

  1. EUR-OCEANS members who organise advanced courses in 2010 are invited to contact the Project Office ( as soon as possible and submit a brief description of the course (free format).
  2. Projects will be examined by the EUR-OCEANS Executive Committee and decisions made as proposals are received, until the EUR-OCEANS 2010 'advanced courses' budget line is exhausted.
  3. The present page will be updated as submissions and selection progress.
  4. A total of four projects will be selected. One project has already been identified and selected by the EUR-OCEANS Executive Committee. Three additional projects can therefore be supported.

Update on call progress - CLOSED 8 Jul. 2010

  • Total number of projects that can be funded: 4
  • Number of projects already selected / funded: 1
  • Total number of applications received: 1

The unused part of this call's budget will be redirected to a future EUR-OCEANS call.

List of projects already selected / funded

  1.  Complexity, adaptation and emergence in marine ecosystems - Trieste, Italy, 18-27 October 2010


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