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Open Access for Earth and Climate Scientists (Online Training)

EUR-OCEANS endorsement

Scope and purpose

Recent advances in the Open Access movement have made available a range of resources and tools for authors, so that they can publish their research in more visible ways, making their publications more read, disseminated and ultimately cited. This has been accompanied by national and Europe-wide funders adopting policies and mandates in favour of Open Access publishing and archiving.

The online training organised during International Open Access Week (18-22 Oct 2010), aims to distil the Open Access issue down to a list of direct benefits for young researchers in the Earth and Climate disciplines, and advice on how best to capitalise on them in a `publish or perish` environment.


Ivo Grigorov (CNRS, France),

Catherine Bertignac (UBO, France)

Dominique Gac (UBO, France)

Morgan Le Gall (IFREMER, France)


EU Funding bodies position on OA and the FP7 OpenAIRE repository
Presentation: Open Access in the European Research Area
(Jean-Francois Dechamp & Celina Ramjoue, European Commission; via videolink)

What is OPEN ACCESS and the advantages offered?

How to make research more accessible using OA?
Presentation: GREEN or Self-archiving open access
(Catherine Bertignac & Dominique Gac, UBO)

Presentation: GOLD open access
(Morgane Le Gall, IFREMER)

Citations for data-only publications?
Presentation (tbc!): Publish data-only papers
(Earth System Science Data Journal; via videolink)

Key presentation will be broadcast live on the web.


Participants can win fee wavers for Copernicus and Inter-Research journals (e.g. Biogeosciences; Earth System Science Data Journal; Marine Ecology Progress Series) to publish their future publications FREE and available through open access. To take part register on the course webpage.


Ivo Grigorov (


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