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EUR-OCEANS adopts an Open Access policy - Outcome of Council vote


Upon a decision of the EUR-OCEANS Council (21 Jan. 2010), a cost-benefit analysis of adopting an Open Access policy was circulated to EUR-OCEANS Members and an electronic vote of the EUR-OCEANS Council organised.

23 of 26 voting Member organisations have participated in the vote, representing 88.46% of Members (well over the 2/3 quorum) and 79.70% of voting rights.

EUR-OCEANS Members have massively approved after a vote closed on 30 Sept. 2010:

  1. The publication of a statement in favour of the principle and application in the marine community of Open Access to scientific publications (in favour: 76.85% of voting rights; no opinion: 23.15%)
  2. The mandatory deposit in an Open Access archive and communication to the EUR-OCEANS Project Office of any scientific publications derived from EUR-OCEANS-funded activities or programmes (in favour: 86.11% of voting rights; against: 9.26%; no opinion: 4.63%.

Detailed results are provided in the attached document.

The adoption of this policy - in line with EC FP7 Special Clause 39 - should make publications more visible, cited and readily accessible to all stakeholders and the general public.

EUR-OCEANS scientists are invited to consult the 'Logo and policies' webpage which will summarize rules imposing themselves on authors of publications derived from EUR-OCEANS-funded activities or programmes. Additional information will be provided under the 'Tools' menu and a 'Guide to EO Open Access policy' sub-entry.

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