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BiodivERsA Pan-European call for international research proposals on biodiversity and ecosystem services

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The following call can be of interest to EUR-OCEANS scientists in 9 European countries whose national agencies co-fund the call (total budget: 11,1 M€; more details about the agencies participating and their reserved budget).

BiodivERsA ( is a network composed of national organisations funding or managing research programmes on biodiversity across Europe. The objectives of this ERA-Net are to promote the cooperation between funding agencies in the field of biodiversity research and to coordinate research programmes at strategic and management levels to eventually develop and implement joint activities.

The European partners in the BiodivERsA network have joined efforts to organize and fund a Pan-European call for international research projects on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The call will address the following themes, across all ecosystems and organisms:
a) Relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem services;
b) Valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services (monetary and non monetary), and better incorporation of biodiversity and ecosystem services into society and policy.

More details about the main scientific topics and eligibility criteria can be found in the text of the call and on the BiodivERsA website.

The call will close on the 17th of February 2011.
Please note that a pre-registration stage is mandatory, and its deadline is on the 5th of January 2011.

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