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Marine ESFRI symposium, Brest (France)

Of interest to / involving EUR-OCEANS scientists


Research Infrastructures (RI) of pan-European interest corresponding to the long term needs of the European research communities in marine sciences are listed by the European Commission in the ESFRI (European Strategic Forum for Research Infrastructures) Roadmap or within the Integrated Infrastructure Initiatives of the FP7. These RIs are major contributors to the European Research Area, in which national research agencies are involved for the next decades, and are a future key component of the GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) and the GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems).

Europole Mer invites scientists, managers of RIs and stakeholders to discuss scientifics challenges in relation to RIs.

The program and list of invited speakers are available at

Specific programs will hold workshops following the symposium:

  • EMBRC: Provides access to models and related genomic resources of marine organisms
  • Euro-Argo: European contribution to Argo, a global ocean observing system required for climate change research and operational oceanography
  • EMSO: Manages deep seafloor observatories for continuous monitoring of the environment and for security.
  • JERICO: Joint European research infrastructure network of coastal observatories.
  • EMSAC: Region of Knowledge project on European Marine Science Applications Consortium regarding water resource management.
  • EuroMarine: Coordination action project targeting the three marine science FP6 Networks of Excellence EUR-OCEANS, MarBEF and Marine Genomics Europe.
  • Eurofleets 2: New initiative on European research vessels.


The general aims of the international symposium entitled “The future of the 21st century ocean” are:

  • to identify the major challenges for marine science of this century,
  • to foster interactions between managers and users of the RIs, including sponsors, scientists, industry and stakeholders.

Would you like more details, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Paul TREGUER ( or consult the symposium web page:

Brest, France
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