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EuroMarine - general update (July 2011)

Published on behalf of EuroMarine coordinator.
Additional EuroMarine info on the EUR-OCEANS website:

- project announcement
- direct link to 2-page summary
- direct link to Description of Work (prior login required)

Dear colleagues, former and present members of the EUR-OCEANS, EUR-OCEANS Consortium, MarBEF, MarBEF+ and MGE,
We should like to update you on the progress of the EuroMarine project.
The partners of the EuroMarine project are 17 since we needed to keep the day to day operational group small. However these 17 partners in fact represent the approximately 120 institutes and organizations, of which 1/3 were members in more than one of the former NoEs. For the success of the project it is vital that all interested members of the former NoEs (and present follow-up networks) become involved in the EuroMarine process during the course of the project. We should therefore like to keep you informed and to invite you to all relevant workshops and meetings.
·         The web address for the EuroMarine site is
·         Attached is a 2-paged summary of EuroMarine, as well as the project Description of Work [prior login required; accessible from this page].
·         We are preparing a mailing list where EuroMarine related information, invitations to workshops and meetings, etc will be posted. Everyone receiving the current mail will be included. There will of course be easy ways to subscribe and un-subscribe to the mailing list via the website.
·         The project runs Feb 2011 - Jan 2013 with a budget of 1 M€. The EuroMarine kick-off meeting took place in Gothenburg (SE) mid-March where some of you attended. We now wish to announce that the next large EuroMarine meeting will take place in Bremen in January 2012. Invitations and more information will come in due course.
·         The seven EuroMarine Work Packages have commenced and include tasks and activities aiming at the integration and construction of a future EuroMarine Consortium at the end of the 2-year project time-line. You may already have received requests about providing information (via workshops or questionnaires) on databases, research strategies, training possibilities at your institute as well as its legal structure. We hope you will find this interesting and important and will agree to contribute.  
·         EuroMarine is coordinated from the University of Gothenburg (SE) by Prof Mike Thorndyke together with a Coordinating Team comprising  Dr Catherine Boyen, MGE, CNRS and UPMC, Station Biologique de Roscoff (FR), Dr Philippe Cury, EUR-OCEANS, IRD, Sète (FR) and Prof Carlo Heip, MarBEF, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NL).
·         For inquiries please contact the Management Team (
Best regards,
Professor Michael Thorndyke
Chair of Coordinating Group EuroMarine
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Distinguished Chair of Experimental Marine Biology
Head of International Development
Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences
University of Gothenburg
Kristineberg 566, Sweden


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