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IMBER ClimECO3 Summer School - A View Towards Integrated Earth System Models: Human-nature Interactions in the Marine World

Advanced course
Of interest to / involving EUR-OCEANS scientists

This 3rd interdisciplinary IMBER ClimECO summer school (bridging natural and social sciences; aiming at the development of more accurate scenarios under future climate change) is quite relevant to EUR-OCEANS scientific priorities.

Deadline to apply: 1 March 2012 - extended to 15 March

Registration and programme: please refer to the summer school webpage on the IMBER website:

Direct link to the registration form:

Overview: This will be the third in the successful ClimECO series. While maintaining the general topic of climate change and marine ecosystems, ClimECO3 extends the modelling of end-to-end marine food webs to include the human dimension, considering A view towards Earth System models: Human-natural system interactions in the marine world.

IMBER (Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research) focuses on interactions and linkages between biogeochemical cycling and food webs, with the aim of improving predictive capability for marine ecosystems. The human dimension is acknowledged as an important component of the marine ecosystem and global food security. Although its inclusion as an integral component of marine ecosystems is only beginning, it is already yielding new insights about the functioning of marine ecosystems. To project more accurate future states of marine ecosystems it is essential that human impacts be included with food web and biogeochemical processes. Models that are inclusive of these processes are now beginning to be developed, but considerable effort is still required to allow meaningful interfacing of food web, biogeochemical and socio-economic systems. Lectures will focus on marine food webs, biogeochemistry, modelling and socio-economic systems, and coupling through to Earth System models.

We believe that this is a novel theme for a summer school and hope to bring together a diverse group of students and early career scientists from both the natural and social science domains.

ClimECO3 will be held at the Cultural and Convention Centre at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara Turkey from 23-28 July 2012. Limited funding is available.

Ankara, Turkey
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