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ICES Training courses 2012: "Communicating Science and Advice", 18-19 June 2012, and "How to Lead an Effective Technical Meeting", 20-21 June 2012

Of interest to / involving EUR-OCEANS scientists

Posted on behalf of the ICES Science Committee Training Group.

The ICES Training Programme is pleased to announce the following training courses:

  • Communicating Science and Advice, 18-19 June 2012, instructors Martin Pastoors and Kristian Teleki
  • How to Lead an Effective Technical Meeting, 20-21 June 2012, instructors Jim Berkson and Adi Kellermann

Details about the courses are found in the attached announcement flyers.

Other courses offered:

  • Introduction to Bayesian Inference in Fishery Science: 11-15 June 2012
  • Analysing and visualization of VMS and EU logbook data using the VMStools R package: 25-29 June 2012
  • Stock assessment introduction: 9-13 July 2012
  • Opening the box: Stock Assessment and Fisheries advice for stakeholders, NGOs and policy makers: 9-11 October 2012

For more information about ICES Training Programme visit the ICES Training web page.

ICES, Copenhagen, Denmark
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