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Twelve proposals funded after EOC March 2012 call

A single EOC call for proposals was launched in 2012. The initial intention was to fund:

  • one EO conference, to the tune of 30 k€
  • a number of foresight workshops (FWS), to the tune of 15 k€ per FWS
  • other relevant activities seeking seed funding or co-funding (<=15 k€), such as advanced courses, workshops, meetings...

Nineteen proposals were received, out of which eleven were selected for funding in June. An additional proposal was funded in November taking advantage of increased resources. The twelve funded activities include:

  • 2 conferences
  • 5 foresight workshops
  • 4 workshops
  • 1 advanced course

The list of the 12 funded proposals is available on the call page at

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