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World Conference on Stock Assessment Methods for Sustainable Fisheries - Boston - 15-19 Jul. 2013

Of interest to / involving EUR-OCEANS scientists

The conference will provide a forum for presentations and discussions on the application and future of stock assessment methods. It will consider single stock approaches for data rich and data poor stocks, and also  multispecies and ecosystem models. It is being organised by researchers from a range of scientific institutions and fishery agencies across the world. The conference will be preceded by a two day workshop (15-16th July 2013) where studies on the application of stock assessment methods to predefined data sets will be reviewed.

The objectives of the conference are to:

  • explore the merits of available assessment methods for providing fisheries management advice
  • explore model performance across a range of factors through participatory workshops
  • consider how to determine the most appropriate method for individual cases
  • inform and educate about the range of available stock assessment methods
  • facilitate comparisons between methods through access to test data sets
  • generate ideas for the features of next generation assessment models

Highlights of the symposium will be published in the ICES Journal of Marine Science.

Steering Committee: Mark Dickey-Collas, Steve Cadrin, Doug Butterworth, Cathy Dichmont, Carmen Fernandez, Laurie Kell, Jean-Jacques Maguire, Richard Methot, José De Oliveira, Ana Parma, Victor Restrepo, Yimin Ye.

The conference is supported by ICES, FAO, NOAA, CSIRO, NAFO, ISSF, ICCAT and AIFRB.

Further information: please refer to the attached flyer, visit or email scadrin [at]

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