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ASLO 2013 and special session SS51 (17-22 Feb. 2013, New Orleans, USA)

Of interest to / involving EUR-OCEANS scientists

ASLO (the Association for the Science of Limnology and Oceanography) will hold its 2013 Aquatic Sciences Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 17-22 February 2013.

Within this meeting, Stephane Blain (UPMC), Dieter Wolf-Gladrow (AWI), Volker Strass (AWI), and Bernard Queguiner (UniveMed) are co-convening the special session SS51: Iron, Carbon Cycling, and Ecosystem Dynamics in the Southern Ocean and invite you to contribute.

Deadline for submitting (paper or poster) ABSTRACTS and APPLICATIONS FOR TRAVEL GRANTS: Friday 5 OCTOBER 2012


Session SS51 presentation

In the macronutrient-rich waters of the Southern Ocean, the biological pump of CO2 is likely controlled by the supply and bioavailability of iron. Through diverse interactions, iron limitation causes co-limitations principally by the light regime or by silicon. These processes are themselves modulated by the biological couplings in the food webs, and iron availability drives the functional structure and the biodiversity within the Southern Ocean ecosystems. Iron impacts the coupling between the different biogeochemical cycles with feedbacks on climate or on the productivity of adjacent ocean basins, possibly affecting the global carbon cycle. Resolving this complex multi-faceted story requires a large international effort which is underway. This session aims to bring together the most recent findings on the following issues: the impact of iron supply on carbon sequestration and atmospheric CO2 drawdown, the interaction between iron availability and the structure, biodiversity, and functioning of pelagic ecosystems, the identification of iron sources and transport pathways, the transformations of iron mediated by biotic or abiotic processes, and the coupling/decoupling between iron and major nutrient biogeochemical cycles. We invite submissions addressing any of these topics, either obtained from the most recent field studies (such as KEOPS2, or Eddy Pump), modeling studies or re-analysis of relevant previous observations.


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