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EOC FWS - Evaluating the status of marine ecosystems in a changing world (indiSeas 2012)

Workshop (Foresight)
EUR-OCEANS organisation / funding


EUR-OCEANS (both the NoE and the follow-up Consortium) has supported (funded or provided logistical support to) a series of workshops/conferences focusing on the development and application of a series of (state and trend) indicators for an ecosystem-based approach to fisheries. This WS series resulted in a public website (indiSeas) and a special issue of the ICES Journal for Marine Science (67). The approach was described here (and previously in the EUR-OCEANS factsheet No 13).

After its March 2012 call for proposals, EUR-OCEANS has selected the 2012 indiSeas meeting for funding, as a EUR-OCEANS Foresight Workshop.

Objectives of the IndiSeas 2012 meeting

To make progress towards implementing the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries, the workshop aims at "Evaluating the status of marine ecosystems in a changing world”, using a set of different types of indicators (climate, biodiversity, human dimension) to reflect the fishing effects on marine ecosystems, to discriminate these effects from other drivers and to facilitate their effective communication to managers and policymakers. The originality of the IndiSeas programme lies in a comparative evaluation of an extensive set of marine ecosystems, using both statistical analyses of surveys-based indicators and ecosystem modelling. The WS will constitute an unprecedented effort in putting together experts from each ecosystem, working together on multi-institutional datasets, and running the most up-to-date ecosystem models. By providing a framework to evaluate the performance of indicators, the workshop will contribute to the scientific support to the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

Activity leader(s): 
Y. Shin, IRD, South Africa; L. Shannon, UCT, South Africa; A. Bundy, DFO, Canada
Unesco, Paris
Start date: 
End date: 

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