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BiodivERsA 2012-13 call on invasive species and biological invasions

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The 2012-13 BiodivERsA call may be of interest to marine scientists in the EUR-OCEANS community.

Please refer to the BiodivERsA call page at for details.

In short, a total amount of more than 7M€ has been provisionally reserved by the participating partner organizations in 11 participating European countries (see The call addresses five themes:

  • T1: Demonstrating and characterising the impacts of biological invaders
  • T2: Understanding mechanisms of biological invasions and levers for mitigating and/or reversing the impacts of biological invaders
  • T3: Evaluating the interactions between biological invasions and other global environmental changes.
  • T4: Biological invasions and public perceptions.
  • T5: Biological invasions and adaptation

Consortia must be formed between partners in at least three different participating countires. Research teams from other countries can be associated (as non-funded partners). The project duration has to be between 2 and 3 years (typically 3 years). Funding requirements for a given project should be reasonable as compared to the total amount of funding planned for a given country.

Please note that a pre-registration (title, acronym, summary, consortium, and provisional budget) is required (deadline 14 Dec. 2012) in order to subsequently submit a proposal (by 13 Feb. 2013).

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