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Advanced course: From bloom to gloom - Primary production, food web processes and vertical flux in changing oceans

Advanced course
EUR-OCEANS organisation / funding

This PhD course (open to post-docs; funded by EUR-OCEANS after the March 2012 call for proposals) covers the main aspects involved in regulation of vertical flux in the ocean. These include production and aggregation of sinking particles by phytoplankton and zooplankton, degradation and consumption of particles by bacteria and zooplankton.

The course will give you up-to-date information on particle fluxes, the processes regulating export. You will get a hand-on training in field and laboratory studies on: measuring sinking fluxes, particle dynamics and zooplankton production/degradation rates. A special focus will be on how to generate and use simple models simulating particle flux.

In addition, the course offers you ample opportunity to network with your fellow students and teachers and to discuss your own research with the international experts in the field.

For further information and applications, please refer to the attached poster or the course webpages at deadline: 15 March 2013.

Activity leader(s): 
Sigrún Jónasdóttir (sjo [at]; Jörg Dutz (jdu [at] Local organizer: Erla Björk Örnólfsdóttir, U Hólar IS
Hólar University College, Iceland
Financial support: 
10 k€ from EOC to organizers
Start date: 
End date: 
Registration deadline: 

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