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International MERMEX - common strategy for studying Mediterranean Sea ecosystems and international expansion of the MERMEX project

Workshop (Other)
EUR-OCEANS organisation / funding

This WS was selected for funding after the EOC 2012 call for proposal (late decision to fund an additional, twelfth proposal, made possible by on increase of 2012 EOC contributions and remnants from previous activities).

The WS aims increase the internationalization of the MERMEX project (now endorsed by SOLAS, IMBER, LOICZ) and specifically to: The objectives of this workshop are (1) to organize a marine observation network in Mediterranean Sea with Mediterranean and Eurocean scientists; and (2) to better understand impacts of global change on the Mediterranean Sea functioning.

Page still under construction.

Paper describing the MERMEX project: The MerMex Group / Progress in Oceanography 91 (2011) 97–166

Contact: richard.sempere [at]

Activity leader(s): 
Richard Sempéré(CNRS/MIO/AMU), Xavier Durrieu de Madron (CNRS, CEFREM Perpignan), Cecile Guieu (CNRS, LOV Villefranche)and Ivane Payraud (IFREMER, La Seyne/Mer)
Zagreb, Croatia
Financial support: 
15 k€ from EOC to organizers
Start date: 
End date: 

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