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2-year post-doc in marine plankton meta-genomics & meta-transcriptomics - SZN, Italy

SZN is seeking for a postdoc candidate interested in marine plankton meta-genomics and meta-transcriptomics analyses within the ambitious project TARA Oceans ( Statistical data analyses and mining of deep sequencing data from collected samples will be the main task of the candidate. He will develop specific bioinformatics pipelines to analyze such data, his/her creativity will be the only limit to the production of results. The candidate will be exposed to cutting-edge technologies in an international collaborative scenario involving the top research institutes in the world and in the most innovative marine research project and infrastructures such as EMBRC (, MicroB3 ( and Ritmare (

We are looking for a motivated person who understands basic biological and environmental problems and is able to independently accomplish bioinformatics tasks. Candidates will be expected to have knowledge of oceanography, bioinformatics, ecology, statistics and functional genomics. Knowledge of programming in a Unix/Linux environment is required.

Further infos:
For any inquiry, please contact: Daniele Iudicone (daniele.iudicone [at], Remo Sanges (remo.sanges [at]
Duration: 2 years.
Salary: 2040 Euro per month (after taxes)

Deadline: August 27 2013

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