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2-year postdoc - plankton connectivity / IMB approaches - SZN, Italy

SZN is seeking for a candidate interested in the evaluation and understanding of the marine plankton connectivity. Within the ambitious project TARA Oceans (, we are collecting data about the molecular composition of the widest range of oceanic conditions, depths and locations so far inspected. The role of the physical dispersal in setting the patterns of populations of marine plankton will be investigated using  Individual Based Model approaches. The successful candidate will characterise the connectivity using a Lagrangian model of plankton transport coupled with ocean general circulation models. Further, the results will be merged with the outcome of genetic analyses of the populations to obtain a description of the role played by physical and biological processes.  The candidate will work  in an international collaborative scenario involving the top research institutes in the world and in the most innovative marine research project and infrastructures such as EMBRC (, MicroB3 ( and Ritmare (

We are looking for a motivated person who understands basic oceanographic problems and is able to independently accomplish numerical tasks. Knowledge of non-linear dynamical systems, oceanography, ecology and statistics is preferred. Knowledge of programming in a Unix/Linux environment is required.

Further infos:
For any inquiry, please contact: Daniele Iudicone (daniele.iudicone [at]
Duration: 2 years.
Salary: 2000 Euro per month (after taxes)

Deadline: September 24 2013

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