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Directory: individuals by NoE roles

Last name First name Functionsort icon Under affiliation of
DE MACEDO Joseph Administrative and Financial Coordinator
MERLY Franck Administrative and Financial Director
HORMIGO Carmen Administrative Officer CSIC
LAGGINI Maddalena Administrative Officer CoNISMa
HARDING Kathryn Administrative Officer PML
VESNAVER Sabina Administrative Officer OGS
GHIRON Sylvain Administrative Officer Océanopolis
OIEN Morten Administrative Officer NTNU
STORGHAUG Ingrid Administrative Officer NPI
VAN ARKEL Maarten Administrative Officer NIOZ
DAVIDSE Theo Administrative Officer NIOO
NIELSEN Torkel Administrative Officer NERI
MARTIN Denise Administrative Officer NERC
ELLIS-EVANS Cynan Administrative Officer NERC
LEISSRING Anke Administrative Officer MPG
BÖTHER Martina Administrative Officer MPG
SAAT Toomas Administrative Officer EMI
OJAVEER Henn Administrative Officer EMI
KORICHI Hamida Saskia Administrative Officer ISMAL
BOULAHDID Mostefa Administrative Officer ISMAL
CHU Caroline Administrative Officer IRD
KRUPPA Kirstin Administrative Officer IOW
PIWOWARCZYK Joanna Administrative Officer IO PAS
BERRAHO Abdellatif Administrative Officer INRH
ASSABIR Abdelfattah Administrative Officer INRH
AMATO Loredana Administrative Officer INGV
OGUZ Temel Administrative Officer IMS-METU
REBARDY Xavier Administrative Officer Ifremer
HEINZE Silvia Administrative Officer IFM-GEOMAR
VALDES Luis Administrative Officer IEO
HANSEN Cecilie Administrative Officer ICL
DALY-YAHIA Nejib Administrative Officer FSB
STIPA Tapani Administrative Officer FIMR
DJURHUUS Linda Administrative Officer DIFRES
MORINEAU Florence Administrative Officer CNRS
AUDEBERT Catherine Administrative Officer AWI
BARRENA TELLERIA Amaia Administrative Officer AZTI
JOURD'HEUIL Laurent Administrative Officer CEA
GILLATT Deborah Administrative Officer CEFAS
CRISAFI Ermanno Administrative Officer CNR-IAMC
RAAHAUGE Merete Administrative Officer UAAR
ZURZOLO Giosuè Administrative Officer SZN
ORFANO Salvatore Administrative Officer SZN
WAWRZYNSKI Wojciech Administrative Officer SFI (MIR)
GEORGIADOU Ioanna Administrative Officer HCMR
ROWLAND Nanette Administrative Officer UCT
WIKSTEN Therese Administrative Officer UGOT
RIDDERVOLD Kari Administrative Officer UiT
INGBER Joëlle Administrative Officer ULB
GHYMERS Catherine Administrative Officer ULg
REGIDOR Adriana Administrative Officer ULPGC
TOGNOLA Maddalena Administrative Officer UNIBE
HINRICHS Waltraud Administrative Officer Uni-HB
NEVE Gisela Administrative Officer Uni-HH
LEVERETT Lorna Administrative Officer USOU
HOOGENDORP Ada Administrative Officer UvA
THIERY Pascale Administrative Officer UvA
MOREIRA Anxo Administrative Officer UVIGO
BABATUNDE Emmanuel Administrative Officer IMR
VITINS Maris Administrative Officer LATFRA
HUSSENOT Eric Aquarium Contact Océanopolis
GHIRON Sylvain Aquarium Contact Océanopolis
ANGELINI Stefano Aquarium Contact Genova museum/aquarium
COX Paul Aquarium Contact Plymouth museum/aquarium
DE STAERKE Danielle Aquarium Contact CNES education
FRANCO Paco Aquarium Contact Finisterrae museum/aquarium
MICHEL Christian Aquarium Contact Liège museum/aquarium
NUMEZ Ramon Aquarium Contact Finisterrae museum/aquarium
OUNAÏS Nadia Aquarium Contact EUAC
OUNAÏS Nadia Aquarium Contact Monaco museum/aquarium
PAPADAKIS M. Aquarium Contact Cretaquarium museum/aquarium
POLICRONAKI Thalia Aquarium Contact Cretaquarium museum/aquarium
ROMERO Juan Aquarium Contact Plymouth museum/aquarium
THERON Didier Aquarium Contact Monaco museum/aquarium
VALETTINI Bruna Aquarium Contact Genova museum/aquarium
WESTIN Jan Aquarium Contact Universeum museum/aquarium
WAWRZYNSKI Wojciech Aquarium Contact Gdynia museum/aquarium
LINKOWSKI Tomasz Aquarium Contact Gdynia museum/aquarium
LLABRÉS Moira Assistant
LAGLERA Luis Assistant
HEARD Jessica Assistant
HEARD Jessica Assistant
BONILLA-FINDJI Osana Assistant
TANCELL Claire Assistant
LARKIN Kate Assistant
HARTMAN Susan Assistant
ENRIGHT Clare Assistant
BAISNEE Pierre-François Assistant
BAISNEE Pierre-François Assistant
DIEKMANN Rabea Assistant
STENEVIK Erling K. Assistant
KOEVE Wolfgang Assistant
GRIGOROV Ivo Assistant
GRIGOROV Ivo Assistant
BUCKLEY Paul Assistant
FRANGOULIS Constantin Assistant
OLSSON Anders Assistant
BØRSHEIM Knut Yngve Assistant
PLATTNER Gian-Kasper Assistant
HUBER Robert Assistant
PESANT Stéphane Assistant to Deputy Scientific Director
WALTER Cécile Assistant to Executive Director
LHUILLERY Marie Assistant to Scientific Director
Associated Scientist
ARRIETA Jesus M. Associated Scientist (AS)
LOPEZ Cristobal Associated Scientist (AS)
LLABRÉS Moira Associated Scientist (AS)
LAIZ-ALONSO Irene Associated Scientist (AS)
LAGLERA Luis Associated Scientist (AS)
HUERTAS Emma Associated Scientist (AS)
HENDRIKS Iris Associated Scientist (AS)
GUTIERREZ Francisco Associated Scientist (AS)
COLL Marta Associated Scientist (AS)
AGAWIN Nona Sheila Associated Scientist (AS)
GALLARDO Victor Ariel Associated Scientist (AS)
CASTRO Leonardo Associated Scientist (AS)
CALBET Albert Associated Scientist (AS)
CALLEJA Maria Associated Scientist (AS)
UMANI Marzia Associated Scientist (AS)
BUDILLON Giorgio Associated Scientist (AS)
WEINBAUER Markus Associated Scientist (AS)
MARTINEZ VICENTE Victor Associated Scientist (AS)
LOHAN Maeve Associated Scientist (AS)
JONES Nancy Associated Scientist (AS)
HEARD Jessica Associated Scientist (AS)
FILEMAN Elaine Associated Scientist (AS)
CRAWFURD Katharine Associated Scientist (AS)
MELAKU CANU Donata Associated Scientist (AS)
LIBRALATO Simone Associated Scientist (AS)
COSSARINI Gianpiero Associated Scientist (AS)
BARETTA Job Associated Scientist (AS)
BONILLA-FINDJI Osana Associated Scientist (AS)
MARKESTEYN Anne-Marie Associated Scientist (AS)
SOETAERT Karline Associated Scientist (AS)
KROMKAMP Jacco Associated Scientist (AS)
TANCELL Claire Associated Scientist (AS)
ROBINSON Carol Associated Scientist (AS)
MOWLEM Matt Associated Scientist (AS)
MARTIN Philip Associated Scientist (AS)
LARKIN Kate Associated Scientist (AS)
KINGDON Andrew Associated Scientist (AS)
JOHNSTON Nadine Associated Scientist (AS)
HILL Simeon Associated Scientist (AS)
HARTMAN Susan Associated Scientist (AS)
GRIFFITHS Gwyn Associated Scientist (AS)
GOSSELIN Marie-Pierre Associated Scientist (AS)
FRASER Keiron Associated Scientist (AS)
ENRIGHT Clare Associated Scientist (AS)
CUNNINGHAM Nathan Associated Scientist (AS)
CAVANAGH Rachel Associated Scientist (AS)
SEGSCHNEIDER Joachim Associated Scientist (AS)
CURRIE Bronwen Associated Scientist (AS)
RAID Tiit Associated Scientist (AS)
ZILNIECE Dace Associated Scientist (AS)
USTUPS Didzis Associated Scientist (AS)
MAKARCHOUK Andrei Associated Scientist (AS)
KRŪZE Ēriks Associated Scientist (AS)
SOTO Karim Associated Scientist (AS)
SHIN Yunne Associated Scientist (AS)
NIETO Karen Associated Scientist (AS)
MULLON Christian Associated Scientist (AS)
MENARD Frédéric Associated Scientist (AS)
MAURY Olivier Associated Scientist (AS)
MACHU Eric Associated Scientist (AS)
LETT Christophe Associated Scientist (AS)
JOSSE Erwan Associated Scientist (AS)
ESPINOZA Pepe Associated Scientist (AS)
ECHEVIN Vincent Associated Scientist (AS)
DRAPEAU Laurent Associated Scientist (AS)
DEWITTE Boris Associated Scientist (AS)
BAISNEE Pierre-François Associated Scientist (AS)
WANIEK Joanna Associated Scientist (AS)
SCHERNEWSKI Gerald Associated Scientist (AS)
POSTEL Lutz Associated Scientist (AS)
POHL Christa Associated Scientist (AS)
DIEKMANN Rabea Associated Scientist (AS)
BELDOWSKI Jacek Associated Scientist (AS)
MASSKI Hicham Associated Scientist (AS)
ETTAHIRI Omar Associated Scientist (AS)
CHBANI IDRISSI Mostafa Associated Scientist (AS)
VICHI Marcello Associated Scientist (AS)
NAVARRA Antonio Associated Scientist (AS)
TERBIYIK Tuba Associated Scientist (AS)
STENSETH Nils Christian Associated Scientist (AS)
STENEVIK Erling K. Associated Scientist (AS)
SOLDI Héctor Associated Scientist (AS)
VAZ Sandrine Associated Scientist (AS)
TRENKEL Verena Associated Scientist (AS)
LAZURE Pascal Associated Scientist (AS)
BRIND'AMOUR Anik Associated Scientist (AS)
VOSS Rüdiger Associated Scientist (AS)
STEPPUTTIS Daniel Associated Scientist (AS)
SANDOW Marcel Associated Scientist (AS)
RIEBESELL Ulf Associated Scientist (AS)
PIATKOWSKI Uwe Associated Scientist (AS)
LIEBETRAU Volker Associated Scientist (AS)
KOEVE Wolfgang Associated Scientist (AS)
KAEHLER Paul Associated Scientist (AS)
BANGE Hermann Associated Scientist (AS)
RUIZ VILLAREAL Manuel Associated Scientist (AS)
GARCIA-SOTO Carlos Associated Scientist (AS)
FERNANDEZ DE PUELLES Maria Luz Associated Scientist (AS)
PIONTKOVSKI Sergey Associated Scientist (AS)
ZERVOUDAKI Soultana Associated Scientist (AS)
TRIANTAFYLLOU George Associated Scientist (AS)
SOUVERMEZOGLOU Ekaterini Associated Scientist (AS)
PSARRA Stella Associated Scientist (AS)
PITTA Paraskevi Associated Scientist (AS)
PETIHAKIS George Associated Scientist (AS)
KOUBAKJI Eya Associated Scientist (AS)
DALY-YAHIA - KEFI Ons Associated Scientist (AS)
AUTIO Riitta Associated Scientist (AS)
VUORINEN Ilppo Associated Scientist (AS)
TOMKIEWICZ Jonna Associated Scientist (AS)
ANDERSEN Ken Haste Associated Scientist (AS)
VAZQUEZ-DOMINGUEZ Evaristo Associated Scientist (AS)
TANAKA Tsuneo Associated Scientist (AS)
TAMBURINI Christian Associated Scientist (AS)
TAALBA Abderrahmane, Nassim Associated Scientist (AS)
STEMMANN Lars Associated Scientist (AS)
SEMPERE Richard Associated Scientist (AS)
SCIANDRA Antoine Associated Scientist (AS)
SARTHOU Geraldine Associated Scientist (AS)
RUSH Darci Associated Scientist (AS)
ROY Sylvie Associated Scientist (AS)
PESANT Stéphane Associated Scientist (AS)
LHUILLERY Marie Associated Scientist (AS)
LEHODEY Patrick Associated Scientist (AS)
LEFEVRE Dominique Associated Scientist (AS)
GUIEU Cécile Associated Scientist (AS)
GRIGOROV Ivo Associated Scientist (AS)
GORSKY Gabriel Associated Scientist (AS)
GASPARINI Stéphane Associated Scientist (AS)
CORVAISIER Rudolph Associated Scientist (AS)
COPPOLA Laurent Associated Scientist (AS)
CHRISTAKI Urania Associated Scientist (AS)
CHAMI Malik Associated Scientist (AS)
CANARIO Adelino Associated Scientist (AS)
BOYE Marie Associated Scientist (AS)
BONNET Delphine Associated Scientist (AS)
OULD EL MAHFOUDH Mohamed Associated Scientist (AS)
CHERNYSHKOV Pavel Associated Scientist (AS)
KLAAS Christine Associated Scientist (AS)
MEYER Bettina Associated Scientist (AS)
VOELKER Christoph Associated Scientist (AS)
ARREGI Igor Associated Scientist (AS)
MURUA Hilario Associated Scientist (AS)
PASCUAL Marta Associated Scientist (AS)
BEECHAM Jonathan Associated Scientist (AS)
BUCKLEY Paul Associated Scientist (AS)
FORSTER Rodney Associated Scientist (AS)
GARNACHO Eva Associated Scientist (AS)
MULLIGAN Bill Associated Scientist (AS)
ANDERSEN Valérie Associated Scientist (AS)
BEAUVAIS Sophie Associated Scientist (AS)
MAZZOCCHI Maria Grazia Associated Scientist (AS)
IUDICONE Daniele Associated Scientist (AS)
CASOTTI Raffaella Associated Scientist (AS)
MARGONSKI Piotr Associated Scientist (AS)
FEY Dariusz Associated Scientist (AS)
WILKINSON Jeremy Associated Scientist (AS)
HEYMANS Sheila Associated Scientist (AS)
TORRES Ricardo Associated Scientist (AS)
TILSTONE Gavin Associated Scientist (AS)
REES Andy Associated Scientist (AS)
OUBELKHEIR Kadija Associated Scientist (AS)
MENDIGUCHIA Carolina Associated Scientist (AS)
MORENO Carlos Associated Scientist (AS)
NAVARRO Gabriel Associated Scientist (AS)
PALOMERA Isabel Associated Scientist (AS)
PRIETO Laura Associated Scientist (AS)
RODRÍGUEZ-GALVEZ Susana Associated Scientist (AS)
RUIZ Simon Associated Scientist (AS)
TAGLIALATELA Simone Associated Scientist (AS)
TOVAR-SANCHEZ Antonio Associated Scientist (AS)
VAZQUEZ Agueda Associated Scientist (AS)
NITTIS Kostas Associated Scientist (AS)
KRASAKOPOULOU Evangelia Associated Scientist (AS)
ISARI Stamatina Associated Scientist (AS)
HATZIANESTIS Ioannis Associated Scientist (AS)
HANNIDES Cecelia Associated Scientist (AS)
GOGOU Alexandra Associated Scientist (AS)
GIANNOULAKI Marianna Associated Scientist (AS)
GIANNAKOUROU Antonia Associated Scientist (AS)
FRANGOULIS Constantin Associated Scientist (AS)
CHRISTOU Epaminondas Associated Scientist (AS)
ASSIMAKOPOULOU Georgia Associated Scientist (AS)
RAVICHANDRAN Ramanibai Associated Scientist (AS)
NEFFATI Nada Associated Scientist (AS)
MOLONEY Coleen Associated Scientist (AS)
SHANNON Lynne Associated Scientist (AS)
ROSS Oliver Associated Scientist (AS)
BREITBARTH Eike Associated Scientist (AS)
FILIPSSON Helena Associated Scientist (AS)
NDUNGU Kuria Associated Scientist (AS)
OLSSON Anders Associated Scientist (AS)
THORNDYKE Michael Associated Scientist (AS)
BØRSHEIM Knut Yngve Associated Scientist (AS)
NEJSTGAARD Jens Christian Associated Scientist (AS)
SIMONELLI Paolo Associated Scientist (AS)
BECQUEVORT Sylvie Associated Scientist (AS)
SCHOEMANN Veronique Associated Scientist (AS)
DELHEZ Eric Associated Scientist (AS)
GOBERT Sylvie Associated Scientist (AS)
GREGOIRE Marilaure Associated Scientist (AS)
HECQ Jean-Henri Associated Scientist (AS)
LEPOINT Gilles Associated Scientist (AS)
HERNANDEZ-GUERRA Alonso Associated Scientist (AS)
HERNANDEZ-LEON Santiago Associated Scientist (AS)
PLATTNER Gian-Kasper Associated Scientist (AS)
HUBER Robert Associated Scientist (AS)
BACKHAUS Jan O. Associated Scientist (AS)
THOMAS Rainer Associated Scientist (AS)
YOUNGBLUTH Marsh Associated Scientist (AS)
BIONDO Manuela Associated Scientist (AS)
LÓPEZ CERÓN Diego Alejandro Associated Scientist (AS)
POPOVA Ekaterina Associated Scientist (AS)
SOBRINO Cristina Associated Scientist (AS)
APOSTOLOPOULOU Maria Venetia Associated Scientist (AS)
CARDINAL Damien Associated Scientist (AS)
MAELFAIT Hannelore Associated Scientist (AS)
MEYSMAN Filip Associated Scientist (AS)
PLANQUE Benjamin Associated Scientist (AS)
VIEIRA BORGES Alberto Associated Scientist (AS)
DITTERT Nicolas Associated Scientist (AS)
KOPPELMANN Rolf Associated Scientist (AS)
VITINS Maris Associated Scientist (AS)
JARRE Astrid Associated Scientist (AS)
DOLAN John Associated Scientist (AS)
CLAUSTRE Hervé Associated Scientist (AS)
GATTUSO Jean-Pierre Associated Scientist (AS)
PAINTING Suzanne Associated Scientist (AS)
LANCELOT Christiane Chair of Council
ELLIS-EVANS Cynan Chair of General Assembly
LEGENDRE Louis Deputy Scientific Director
GERNEZ Caroline Executive Director
OLSEN Ørjan Financial Officer NPI
PAVLOV Katrin Financial Officer EMI
LARSEN Roar Financial Officer IMR
CRISAFI Ermanno Financial Officer CNR-IAMC
VAN CRAEN Nic Financial Officer VUB
VITINS Maris Financial Officer LATFRA
BOOMAN Clelia Financial Officer UiB
WALTER Cécile Legal adviser CNRS
MARTIN Denise Legal adviser NERC
GILLATT Deborah Legal adviser CEFAS
TVERRA Kitty Legal adviser UiB
MARTINEZ ALONSO Carlos Legal representative CSIC
QUINONES Renato Legal representative COPAS
CORSELLI Cesare Legal representative CoNISMa
LOYNES David G W Legal representative PML
MARSON Iginio Legal representative OGS
SEVELLEC Jacques Legal representative Océanopolis
IVAR MAUDAL Per Legal representative NTNU
ORHEIM Olav Legal representative NPI
SMIT Jan Legal representative NIOZ
VET Louise E.M. Legal representative NIOO
RIEMANN Bo Legal representative NERI
ALAND Lee Legal representative NERC
MAROTZKE Jochem Legal representative MPG
SAAT Toomas Legal representative EMI
BOULAHDID Mostefa Legal representative ISMAL
CALABRE Serge Legal representative IRD
BODUNGEN Bodo V. Legal representative IOW
MASSEL Stanislaw Legal representative IO PAS
BERRAHO Abdellatif Legal representative INRH
BOSCHI Enzo Legal representative INGV
BESIKTEPE Sukru Legal representative IMS-METU
BOYER Bernard Legal representative Ifremer
HERZIG Peter Legal representative IFM-GEOMAR
LLINAS Octavio Legal representative IEO
COX Lynne Legal representative ICL
HADHRI Taieb Legal representative FSB
WIND Torben Legal representative DIFRES
PAULENZ Rainer Legal representative AWI
POZO CARRO Rogelio Legal representative AZTI
GOUNAND François Legal representative CEA
BRAMFORD Susan Mary Legal representative CEFAS
CRISAFI Ermanno Legal representative CNR-IAMC
ANDERSEN Valérie Legal representative CNRS
BERNARDI Giorgio Legal representative SZN
LINKOWSKI Tomasz Legal representative SFI (MIR)
WALTON Elaine Legal representative SAMS
CHRONIS George Legal representative HCMR
SKJOEDT Kirsten Legal representative UAAR
BARNARD Piet Legal representative UCT
AHLQWIST Margareta Legal representative UGOT
BALIÑO Beatriz Legal representative UiB
RIDDERVOLD Kari Legal representative UiT
DE MARET Pierre Legal representative ULB
LEGROS Willy Legal representative ULg
FERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZ Antonio Legal representative ULPGC
WÜRGLER Urs Legal representative UNIBE
RUEDIGER KUECK Gerd Legal representative Uni-HB
LEWERENZ Doris Legal representative Uni-HH
LEVERETT Lorna Legal representative USOU
HOOGLAND Walter Legal representative UvA
MATO DE LA IGLESIA Salustiano Legal representative UVIGO
VAN CAMP Benjamin Legal representative VUB
OLIVARD Pascal Legal representative UBO
MÄLKKI Pentti Legal representative FIMR
BABATUNDE Emmanuel Legal representative IMR
VITINS Maris Legal representative LATFRA
DUARTE Carlos M NoE PI Contact 1 CSIC
QUINONES Renato NoE PI Contact 1 COPAS
HARRIS Roger NoE PI Contact 1 PML
CRISE Alessandro NoE PI Contact 1 OGS
GHIRON Sylvain NoE PI Contact 1 Océanopolis
HERNDL Gerhard NoE PI Contact 1 NIOZ
HEIP Carlo NoE PI Contact 1 NIOO
NIELSEN Torkel NoE PI Contact 1 NERI
MURPHY Eugene NoE PI Contact 1 NERC
CURRIE Bronwen NoE PI Contact 1 MFMR
OJAVEER Henn NoE PI Contact 1 EMI
UZARS Danute NoE PI Contact 1 LATFRA
LOUANCHI Ferial NoE PI Contact 1 ISMAL
CURY Philippe NoE PI Contact 1 IRD
KIFANI Souad NoE PI Contact 1 INRH
BORGES Maria de Fatima NoE PI Contact 1 INIAP-IPIMAR
PINARDI Nadia NoE PI Contact 1 INGV
OGUZ Temel NoE PI Contact 1 IMS-METU
SUNDBY Svein NoE PI Contact 1 IMR
SOLDI Héctor NoE PI Contact 1 IMARPE
PETITGAS Pierre NoE PI Contact 1 Ifremer
VALDES Luis NoE PI Contact 1 IEO
WOODS John NoE PI Contact 1 ICL
GUBANOVA Alexandra NoE PI Contact 1 IBSS
DALY-YAHIA Nejib NoE PI Contact 1 FSB
STIPA Tapani NoE PI Contact 1 FIMR
KÖSTER Friedrich W NoE PI Contact 1 DIFRES
TREGUER Paul NoE PI Contact 1 CNRS
CHERNYSHKOV Pavel NoE PI Contact 1 AtlantNIRO
IRIGOIEN Xabier NoE PI Contact 1 AZTI
GEHLEN Marion NoE PI Contact 1 CEA
RIBERA D'ALCALA Maurizio NoE PI Contact 1 SZN
SHIGANOVA Tamara NoE PI Contact 1 SIO
LINKOWSKI Tomasz NoE PI Contact 1 SFI (MIR)
FOX Clive J NoE PI Contact 1 SAMS
DE BAAR Hein NoE PI Contact 1 RuG
RICHARDSON Katherine NoE PI Contact 1 UAAR
FIELD John NoE PI Contact 1 UCT
GEIDER Richard NoE PI Contact 1 UESSEX
TURNER David NoE PI Contact 1 UGOT
THINGSTAD Frede NoE PI Contact 1 UiB
WASSMAN Paul NoE PI Contact 1 UiT
LANCELOT Christiane NoE PI Contact 1 ULB
BECKERS Jean-Marie NoE PI Contact 1 ULg
JOOS Fortunat NoE PI Contact 1 UNIBE
DIEPENBROEK Michael NoE PI Contact 1 Uni-HB
ST JOHN Michael NoE PI Contact 1 Uni-HH
KEMP Alan NoE PI Contact 1 USOU
HUISMAN Jef NoE PI Contact 1 UvA
MARAÑÓN Emilio NoE PI Contact 1 UVIGO
DEHAIRS Frank NoE PI Contact 1 VUB
JÜRGENS Klaus NoE PI Contact 1 IOW
POHNERT Georg NoE PI Contact 2 MPG
DRINKWATER Kenneth NoE PI Contact 2 IMR
WOLF-GLADROW Dieter NoE PI Contact 2 AWI
TANDE Kurt NoE PI Contact 2 UiT
STOCKER Thomas NoE PI Contact 2 UNIBE
LOPEZ José Antonio PhD student
LASTERNAS Sebastien PhD student
LANA Aránzazu PhD student
GOMES TEIXEIRA Isabel Cristina PhD student
FERRER María PhD student
CARRILLO-ELKIN Natalia PhD student
CARDONA PONS Federico PhD student
ALONSO-LAITA Patricia PhD student
ALMEDA Rodrigo PhD student
ACERO-SÁNCHEZ Elena PhD student
BORAS Julia Anna PhD student
BREA Samanta PhD student
HIGHFIELD James PhD student
HELAOUET Pierre PhD student
ELOIRE Damien PhD student
VOLTOLINA Fabio PhD student
VOGEDES Daniel PhD student
NARCY Fanny PhD student
BROMS Fredrik PhD student
PARADA Veronica PhD student
BAUDOUX Anne-Claire PhD student
HOFMANN Andreas PhD student
VOGT Meike PhD student
MORIARTY Roisin PhD student
BEEKMANS Bas PhD student
PÕLLUMÄE Arno PhD student
PÕLLUPÜÜ Maria PhD student
STRODS Guntars PhD student
RUBENE Gunta PhD student
MUELLER-KARULIS Baerbel PhD student
SOW Bamol PhD student
BROCHIER Timothée PhD student
BELMADANI Ali PhD student
WALTHER Katja PhD student
GROTE Jana PhD student
ZABORSKA Agata PhD student
MIOTK Michal PhD student
KULINSKI Karol PhD student
HUZARSKA Katarzyna PhD student
RAMZI Azeddine PhD student
TEDESCO Letizia PhD student
REECHT Yves PhD student
LENGFELLNER Kathrin PhD student
CALVO-DIAZ Alejandra PhD student
TSAGARAKIS Konstantinos PhD student
BEN LAMINE Yosra PhD student
AÏSSI Mehdi PhD student
ADDAD Sourour PhD student
HUWER Bastian PhD student
DRILLET Guillaume PhD student
VISCONTI Francesco PhD student
VILA-COSTA Maria PhD student
VONG Lilita PhD student
UITZ Julia PhD student
ROSSI Vincent PhD student
NUGRAHA Adi PhD student
NOYON Margaux PhD student
NIKIEMA Oumarou PhD student
MOLINA Ernesto PhD student
LACOMBE Marielle PhD student
FIORINI Sarah PhD student
CATTANEO Raffaela PhD student
EBERSBACH Friederike PhD student
SAILLEY Sevrine PhD student
BACHILLER Eneko PhD student
FERNANDES Jose A. PhD student
URTIZBEREA Agurtzane PhD student
ZARAUZ Lucia PhD student
BATTY Paul PhD student
HOBSON Victoria PhD student
KÜRTEN Benjamin PhD student
VERGNON Rémi PhD student
ADJOU Mohamed Adlène PhD student
RIBALET Francois PhD student
ESPOSITO Serena PhD student
D'ALELIO Domenico PhD student
TOMCZAK Maciej PhD student
LETESSIER Tom PhD student
BRAUER Verena PhD student
BRANCO Pedro PhD student
STROMBERG Patrik PhD student
OSPINA-ALVAREZ Natalia PhD student
OTERO Jaime PhD student
ROMERA CASTILLO Cristina PhD student
SALO Violeta PhD student
THIEBAUT Severin PhD student
VALLINA Sergio PhD student
VAQUER Raquel PhD student
NIKOLIOUDAKIS Nikolaos PhD student
MOUTSOPOULOS Thanassis PhD student
LAGARIA Anna PhD student
TOUZRI Chema PhD student
MAHJOUB Mohamed Sofiene PhD student
CAZASSUS Fabienne PhD student
GHERBEHIWET Dawit PhD student
NEIRA Sergio PhD student
TRAVERS Morgane PhD student
HJALMARSSON Sofia PhD student
TIAN Tian PhD student
HODAL Helene PhD student
IVERSEN Kriss Rokkan PhD student
JENSEN Louise Kiel PhD student
MADSEN Matias Langgaard PhD student
TAMELANDER Tobias PhD student
DUMONT Isabelle PhD student
LANNUZEL Delphine PhD student
MASSON Florence PhD student
DELILLE Bruno PhD student
LENARTZ Fabian PhD student
ALONSO GONZÁLEZ Iván Julio PhD student
BALTAR Federico PhD student
CALDENTEY Paula PhD student
HERRERA RIVERO Inmaculada PhD student
LANDEIRA Jose Maria PhD student
GANGSTØ Reidun PhD student
TSCHUMI Tobias PhD student
FROST Jessica PhD student
JACOBY Charles PhD student
JASPERS Cornelia PhD student
MARA Paraskevi PhD student
MÖLLER Klas Ove PhD student
HENSON Stephanie PhD student
ARANGUREN Maria PhD student
GARCÍA-MARTÍN Enma Elena PhD student
HUETE ORTEGA Maria PhD student
LÓPEZ-SANDOVAL Daffne PhD student
MARTÍNEZ Sandra PhD student
PIEDRACOBA Silvia PhD student
CAVAGNA Anne Julie PhD student
DE BRAUWERE Anouk PhD student
FRIPIAT François PhD student
PECQUERIE Laure PhD student
SOMAVILLA Raquel PhD student
MACIAS Diego Post-Doc
CATALÁN Ignacio Post-Doc
ALVAREZ Marta Post-Doc
MATTIA Gelsomina Post-Doc
WAKE Bronwyn Post-Doc
KIMMANCE Susan Post-Doc
GERIN Riccardo Post-Doc
YOKOKAWA Taichi Post-Doc
VARELA ROZADOS Marta Maria Post-Doc
SINTES Eva Post-Doc
REINTHALER Thomas Post-Doc
EVANS Claire Post-Doc
AGOGUE Hélène Post-Doc
STAAL Marc Post-Doc
MAIRE Olivier Post-Doc
LE FOUEST Vincent Post-Doc
GARRIDO Susana Post-Doc
AN Byoung Woong Post-Doc
EICHINGER Marie Post-Doc
COTRIM DA CUNHA Leticia Post-Doc
MARIANI Patrizio Post-Doc
YEBRA Lidia Post-Doc
STEPHENS Nicholas Post-Doc
SPYRES Georgina Post-Doc
MONGIN Mathieu Post-Doc
LOMBARD Fabien Post-Doc
HENJES Joachim Post-Doc
MARTYNOVA Daria Post-Doc
CHIFFLET Marina Post-Doc
ALVAIN Séverine Post-Doc
BERLINE Léo Post-Doc
CAROTENUTO Ylenia Post-Doc
NIETO-CID Mar Post-Doc
REGLERO Patricia Post-Doc
UNREIN Fernando Post-Doc
LAWSON Tracy Post-Doc
AUGUSTIN Christina Post-Doc
MANNO Clara Post-Doc
THESSEN Anne Post-Doc
ACMA Bulent Post-Doc
HALSBAND-LENK Claudia Post-Doc
MOURIÑO Beatriz Post-Doc
TEIRA Eva Post-Doc
BARRON Cristina Post-Doc
BRION Natacha Post-Doc
JACQUET Stéphanie H.M. Post-Doc
PLANCHON Frederic Post-Doc
HERNANDEZ-GARCIA Emilio Principal Investigator (PI)
GASOL Josep M Principal Investigator (PI)
FIGUEIRAS Francisco G Principal Investigator (PI)
ECHEVARRIA Fidel Principal Investigator (PI)
DUARTE Carlos M Principal Investigator (PI)
ALCARAZ Miguel Principal Investigator (PI)
AGUSTI Susana Principal Investigator (PI)
QUINONES Renato Principal Investigator (PI)
BARTON Eric Principal Investigator (PI)
ZAVATARELLI Marco Principal Investigator (PI)
FONDA UMANI Serena Principal Investigator (PI)
FABIANO Mauro Principal Investigator (PI)
DANOVARO Roberto Principal Investigator (PI)
HARRIS Roger Principal Investigator (PI)
BARANGE Manuel Principal Investigator (PI)
ALLEN Icarus Principal Investigator (PI)
SOLIDORO Cosimo Principal Investigator (PI)
MANCA Beniamino Principal Investigator (PI)
GACIC Miroslav Principal Investigator (PI)
CRISE Alessandro Principal Investigator (PI)
GHIRON Sylvain Principal Investigator (PI)
SAKSHAUG Egil Principal Investigator (PI)
OLSEN Yngvar Principal Investigator (PI)
FALK-PETERSEN Stig Principal Investigator (PI)
TIMMERMANS Klaas Principal Investigator (PI)
HERNDL Gerhard Principal Investigator (PI)
BRUSSAARD Corina Principal Investigator (PI)
STAL Lucas J Principal Investigator (PI)
MIDDELBURG Jack J Principal Investigator (PI)
HEIP Carlo Principal Investigator (PI)
NIELSEN Torkel Principal Investigator (PI)
TRATHAN Philip Neil Principal Investigator (PI)
STATHAM Peter Principal Investigator (PI)
POLLARD Raymond Principal Investigator (PI)
MURPHY Eugene Principal Investigator (PI)
LE QUERE Corinne Principal Investigator (PI)
LAMPITT Richard Principal Investigator (PI)
KING John Principal Investigator (PI)
BURKILL Peter Principal Investigator (PI)
POHNERT Georg Principal Investigator (PI)
OJAVEER Henn Principal Investigator (PI)
UZARS Danute Principal Investigator (PI)
LOUANCHI Ferial Principal Investigator (PI)
ROY Claude Principal Investigator (PI)
FREON Pierre Principal Investigator (PI)
CURY Philippe Principal Investigator (PI)
AUMONT Olivier Principal Investigator (PI)
PEMPKOWIAK Janusz Principal Investigator (PI)
KIFANI Souad Principal Investigator (PI)
SANTOS A. Miguel Principal Investigator (PI)
BORGES Maria de Fatima Principal Investigator (PI)
PINARDI Nadia Principal Investigator (PI)
OGUZ Temel Principal Investigator (PI)
SVENDSEN Einar Principal Investigator (PI)
SUNDBY Svein Principal Investigator (PI)
SKOGEN Morten D. Principal Investigator (PI)
NASH Richard David Marriott Principal Investigator (PI)
DRINKWATER Kenneth Principal Investigator (PI)
ROCHET Marie-Joëlle Principal Investigator (PI)
PETITGAS Pierre Principal Investigator (PI)
FROMENTIN Jean-Marc Principal Investigator (PI)
SOMMER Ulrich Principal Investigator (PI)
KOERTZINGER Arne Principal Investigator (PI)
HINRICHSEN Hans-Harald Principal Investigator (PI)
VALDES Luis Principal Investigator (PI)
MORÁN Xosé Anxelu G. Principal Investigator (PI)
BODE Antonio Principal Investigator (PI)
WOODS John Principal Investigator (PI)
GUBANOVA Alexandra Principal Investigator (PI)
THEOCHARIS Alexander Principal Investigator (PI)
STERGIOU Konstantinos Principal Investigator (PI)
SIOKOU-FRANGOU Ioanna Principal Investigator (PI)
DALY-YAHIA Nejib Principal Investigator (PI)
STIPA Tapani Principal Investigator (PI)
VISSER André Principal Investigator (PI)
MACKENZIE Brian Principal Investigator (PI)
KÖSTER Friedrich W Principal Investigator (PI)
KIORBOE Thomas Principal Investigator (PI)
GISLASON Henrik Principal Investigator (PI)
TREGUER Paul Principal Investigator (PI)
RASSOULZADEGAN Fereidoun Principal Investigator (PI)
QUEGUINER Bernard Principal Investigator (PI)
PONDAVEN Philippe Principal Investigator (PI)
MEMERY Laurent Principal Investigator (PI)
MAYZAUD Patrick Principal Investigator (PI)
LEGENDRE Louis Principal Investigator (PI)
GOYET Catherine Principal Investigator (PI)
GOUTX Madeleine Principal Investigator (PI)
CARLOTTI François Principal Investigator (PI)
BOPP Laurent Principal Investigator (PI)
BATHMANN Uli Principal Investigator (PI)
LOCHTE Karin Principal Investigator (PI)
SMETACEK Victor Principal Investigator (PI)
WOLF-GLADROW Dieter Principal Investigator (PI)
IRIGOIEN Xabier Principal Investigator (PI)
GEHLEN Marion Principal Investigator (PI)
ORR James Principal Investigator (PI)
JENNINGS Simon Principal Investigator (PI)
GIULIANO Laura Principal Investigator (PI)
SANTOLERI Rosalia Principal Investigator (PI)
SPROVIERI Mario Principal Investigator (PI)
ANTOINE David Principal Investigator (PI)
BEAUGRAND Grégory Principal Investigator (PI)
BLAIN Stéphane Principal Investigator (PI)
RIBERA D'ALCALA Maurizio Principal Investigator (PI)
MONTRESOR Marina Principal Investigator (PI)
IANORA Adrianna Principal Investigator (PI)
SHIGANOVA Tamara Principal Investigator (PI)
LINKOWSKI Tomasz Principal Investigator (PI)
FOX Clive J Principal Investigator (PI)
DE BAAR Hein Principal Investigator (PI)
TURLEY Carol Principal Investigator (PI)
REID Philip Christopher Principal Investigator (PI)
MORALES-NIN Beatriz Principal Investigator (PI)
RUIZ Javier Principal Investigator (PI)
SALGADO ALVAREZ Xosé Anton Principal Investigator (PI)
SIMO Rafel Principal Investigator (PI)
TINTORE Joaquin Principal Investigator (PI)
VAQUE Dolors Principal Investigator (PI)
MIHALOPOULOS Nikolaos Principal Investigator (PI)
MACHIAS Athanassios Principal Investigator (PI)
RICHARDSON Katherine Principal Investigator (PI)
FIELD John Principal Investigator (PI)
CODLING Edward Principal Investigator (PI)
GEIDER Richard Principal Investigator (PI)
OMSTEDT Anders Principal Investigator (PI)
TURNER David Principal Investigator (PI)
FOLKVORD Arild Principal Investigator (PI)
HEINZE Christoph Principal Investigator (PI)
JOHANNESSEN Truls Principal Investigator (PI)
THINGSTAD Frede Principal Investigator (PI)
TANDE Kurt Principal Investigator (PI)
WASSMAN Paul Principal Investigator (PI)
CHOU Lei Principal Investigator (PI)
LANCELOT Christiane Principal Investigator (PI)
BECKERS Jean-Marie Principal Investigator (PI)
ARISTEGUI Javier Principal Investigator (PI)
JOOS Fortunat Principal Investigator (PI)
STOCKER Thomas Principal Investigator (PI)
DIEPENBROEK Michael Principal Investigator (PI)
WEFER Gerold Principal Investigator (PI)
EMEIS Kay-Christian Principal Investigator (PI)
MÖLLMANN Christian Principal Investigator (PI)
ST JOHN Michael Principal Investigator (PI)
ACHTERBERG Eric Pieter Principal Investigator (PI)
ALLEN John Principal Investigator (PI)
KEMP Alan Principal Investigator (PI)
TYRRELL Toby Principal Investigator (PI)
HUISMAN Jef Principal Investigator (PI)
MARAÑÓN Emilio Principal Investigator (PI)
ANDRE Luc Principal Investigator (PI)
DEHAIRS Frank Principal Investigator (PI)
SCHOUKENS Johan Principal Investigator (PI)
GARCON Véronique Principal Investigator (PI)
JÜRGENS Klaus Principal Investigator (PI)
MAIER-REIMER Ernst Principal Investigator (PI)
DUARTE Carlos M Representative to General Assembly CSIC
QUINONES Renato Representative to General Assembly COPAS
ZAVATARELLI Marco Representative to General Assembly CoNISMa
CRISE Alessandro Representative to General Assembly OGS
HUSSENOT Eric Representative to General Assembly Océanopolis
SAKSHAUG Egil Representative to General Assembly NTNU
FALK-PETERSEN Stig Representative to General Assembly NPI
HERNDL Gerhard Representative to General Assembly NIOZ
HEIP Carlo Representative to General Assembly NIOO
BJORNSEN Peter Koefoed Representative to General Assembly NERI
OWENS Nicholas Representative to General Assembly NERC
ELLIS-EVANS Cynan Representative to General Assembly NERC
SAAT Toomas Representative to General Assembly EMI
UZARS Danute Representative to General Assembly LATFRA
LOUANCHI Ferial Representative to General Assembly ISMAL
CAYRE Patrice Representative to General Assembly IRD
PEMPKOWIAK Janusz Representative to General Assembly IO PAS
BERRAHO Abdellatif Representative to General Assembly INRH
BORGES Maria de Fatima Representative to General Assembly INIAP-IPIMAR
PINARDI Nadia Representative to General Assembly INGV
OGUZ Temel Representative to General Assembly IMS-METU
SUNDBY Svein Representative to General Assembly IMR
HERAL Maurice Representative to General Assembly Ifremer
KOERTZINGER Arne Representative to General Assembly IFM-GEOMAR
VALDES Luis Representative to General Assembly IEO
WOODS John Representative to General Assembly ICL
GUBANOVA Alexandra Representative to General Assembly IBSS
SIOKOU-FRANGOU Ioanna Representative to General Assembly HCMR
DALY-YAHIA Nejib Representative to General Assembly FSB
STIPA Tapani Representative to General Assembly FIMR
NIELSEN Niels Axel Representative to General Assembly DIFRES
TREGUER Paul Representative to General Assembly CNRS
PAPINEAU Nicole Representative to General Assembly CNRS
MONFRAY Patrick Representative to General Assembly CNRS
MERLY Franck Representative to General Assembly CNRS
LEGENDRE Louis Representative to General Assembly CNRS
BATHMANN Uli Representative to General Assembly AWI
LOCHTE Karin Representative to General Assembly AWI
IRIGOIEN Xabier Representative to General Assembly AZTI
GILLATT Deborah Representative to General Assembly CEFAS
GIULIANO Laura Representative to General Assembly CNR-IAMC
RIBERA D'ALCALA Maurizio Representative to General Assembly SZN
LAPPO Sergev Representative to General Assembly SIO
LINKOWSKI Tomasz Representative to General Assembly SFI (MIR)
WALTON Elaine Representative to General Assembly SAMS
DE BAAR Hein Representative to General Assembly RuG
RICHARDSON Katherine Representative to General Assembly UAAR
FIELD John Representative to General Assembly UCT
CODLING Edward Representative to General Assembly UESSEX
GEIDER Richard Representative to General Assembly UESSEX
TURNER David Representative to General Assembly UGOT
BALIÑO Beatriz Representative to General Assembly UiB
TANDE Kurt Representative to General Assembly UiT
DE MARET Pierre Representative to General Assembly ULB
BECKERS Jean-Marie Representative to General Assembly ULg
MARAÑÓN Emilio Representative to General Assembly UVIGO
FERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZ Antonio Representative to General Assembly ULPGC
JOOS Fortunat Representative to General Assembly UNIBE
DIEPENBROEK Michael Representative to General Assembly Uni-HB
ST JOHN Michael Representative to General Assembly Uni-HH
KEMP Alan Representative to General Assembly USOU
HUISMAN Jef Representative to General Assembly UvA
MARAÑÓN Emilio Representative to General Assembly UVIGO
CORNELIS Jan Representative to General Assembly VUB
JÜRGENS Klaus Representative to General Assembly IOW
MAIER-REIMER Ernst Representative to General Assembly MPG
TREGUER Paul Scientific Director
KÖSTER Friedrich W Substitute Representative to General Assembly DIFRES
LAAMANEN Maria Substitute Representative to General Assembly FIMR
MOTOS Lorenzo Substitute Representative to General Assembly AZTI
BRUHN Anette Substitute Representative to General Assembly UAAR
POLLEHNE Falk Substitute Representative to General Assembly IOW
PLATTNER Gian-Kasper Substitute Representative to General Assembly UNIBE
USTUPS Didzis Substitute Representative to General Assembly LATFRA
SOMMER Ulrich Substitute Representative to General Assembly IFM-GEOMAR
WOLF-GLADROW Dieter Substitute Representative to General Assembly AWI
TREGUER Paul Substitute Representative to General Assembly CNRS
LANCELOT Christiane Substitute Representative to General Assembly ULB
CURY Philippe Substitute Representative to General Assembly IRD
SHIGANOVA Tamara Substitute Representative to General Assembly SIO
OJAVEER Henn Substitute Representative to General Assembly EMI
DEHAIRS Frank Substitute Representative to General Assembly VUB
THINGSTAD Frede Substitute Representative to General Assembly UiB
ACHTERBERG Eric Pieter Substitute Representative to General Assembly USOU
EMEIS Kay-Christian Substitute Representative to General Assembly Uni-HH
MONTRESOR Marina Substitute Representative to General Assembly SZN
ARISTEGUI Javier Substitute Representative to General Assembly ULPGC
GHIRON Sylvain Substitute Representative to General Assembly Océanopolis
OLSEN Yngvar Substitute Representative to General Assembly NTNU
NIELSEN Torkel Substitute Representative to General Assembly NERI
DRINKWATER Kenneth Substitute Representative to General Assembly IMR
PETITGAS Pierre Substitute Representative to General Assembly Ifremer
BURKILL Peter Substitute Representative to General Assembly NERC
SOLIDORO Cosimo Substitute Representative to General Assembly OGS
SANTOS A. Miguel Substitute Representative to General Assembly INIAP-IPIMAR
BODE Antonio Substitute Representative to General Assembly IEO
KIFANI Souad Substitute Representative to General Assembly INRH
FABIANO Mauro Substitute Representative to General Assembly CoNISMa
RUIZ Javier Substitute Representative to General Assembly CSIC
MIDDELBURG Jack J Substitute Representative to General Assembly NIOO
BRUSSAARD Corina Substitute Representative to General Assembly NIOZ
WASSMAN Paul Substitute Representative to General Assembly UiT
FOX Clive J Substitute Representative to General Assembly SAMS
BESIKTEPE Sukru Substitute Representative to General Assembly IMS-METU
WAWRZYNSKI Wojciech Substitute Representative to General Assembly SFI (MIR)
MASSEL Stanislaw Substitute Representative to General Assembly IO PAS
HOP Haakon Substitute Representative to General Assembly NPI
VICHI Marcello Substitute Representative to General Assembly INGV
VALLERGA Silvana Substitute Representative to General Assembly CNR-IAMC
THEOCHARIS Alexander Substitute Representative to General Assembly HCMR
WILEV Roger Substitute Representative to General Assembly ICL
CLARIDGE Peter Substitute Representative to General Assembly PML
SUGGET David Substitute Representative to General Assembly UESSEX
KORICHI Hamida Saskia Substitute Representative to General Assembly ISMAL
DALY-YAHIA - KEFI Ons Substitute Representative to General Assembly FSB
ALTUKHOV Denis Substitute Representative to General Assembly IBSS
SHANNON Lynne Substitute Representative to General Assembly UCT
BUMA Anita Substitute Representative to General Assembly RuG
PLATTNER Gian-Kasper Substitute Representative to General Assembly UNIBE
BUCKLEY Paul Substitute Representative to General Assembly CEFAS
MOURIÑO Beatriz Substitute Representative to General Assembly UVIGO
AUTIO Riitta Substitute Representative to General Assembly FIMR
DITTERT Nicolas Substitute Representative to General Assembly Uni-HB
HARRIS Roger System Leader
MURPHY Eugene System Leader
FREON Pierre System Leader
SUNDBY Svein System Leader
SIOKOU-FRANGOU Ioanna System Leader
KÖSTER Friedrich W System Leader
FOX Clive J System Leader
RUIZ Javier System Leader
RICHARDSON Katherine System Leader
TURNER David System Leader
JIMÉNEZ Patricia Technical staff
GARCIA Rodrigo Technical staff
CASAS PÉREZ Benjamín Technical staff
ALMEDA Rodrigo Technical staff
PUTNIS Ivars Technical staff
EVERTS Gatis Technical staff
ERROUAGUI Rachid Technical staff
CHARIB Said Technical staff
ZINDLER Cathleen Technical staff
ZOULIAS Theodore Technical staff
AÏSSI Mehdi Technical staff
ZWERVER Satu Technical staff
AMUTENYA Kondja Technical staff
DI CAPUA Iole Technical staff
MOVILLA Juancho Technical staff
MAGIOPOULOS Iordanis Technical staff
POTGIETER Michelle Technical staff
LOKØY Vibeke Technical staff
NIEVES Lidia Technical staff
FERNÁNDEZ GRAÑA Rocío Technical staff
GIULIANO Laura Vice-Chair of General Assembly
LHUILLERY Marie Web editor
CASAGRANDI Charles Webmaster
DUARTE Carlos M WP leader (other than Theme)
DUARTE Carlos M WP leader (other than Theme)
BARANGE Manuel WP leader (other than Theme)
GHIRON Sylvain WP leader (other than Theme)
LE QUERE Corinne WP leader (other than Theme)
LAMPITT Richard WP leader (other than Theme)
AUMONT Olivier WP leader (other than Theme)
KOERTZINGER Arne WP leader (other than Theme)
JOOS Fortunat WP leader (other than Theme)
DIEPENBROEK Michael WP leader (other than Theme)
CURY Philippe WP leader (Theme)
MONFRAY Patrick WP leader (Theme)
THINGSTAD Frede WP leader (Theme)
LANCELOT Christiane WP leader (Theme)
ST JOHN Michael WP leader (Theme)

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