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Research highlights

Research Highlight Series

Highlights are scientific digests of recent, peer reviewed articles authored by, or with the involvement of, EUR-OCEANS Network of Excellence / Consortium scientists, and tightly focused on pelagic ecosystem modelling and/or process studies falling under EUROCEANS scientific themes.

You can contribute to the series by sending a new highlight or by suggesting articles or books to be reviewed to Ivo GRIGOROV or to

How to contribute to the series


News articles should be condensed highlights (500 words or less, plus1-2 figures) of recent research papers, underlining their relevance to EurOCEANS Themes (below) and if possible include author/expert opinion on the topic. The target audience is the broader scientific community and the articles should have full reference details and a statement (if) the authors involved are PIs / Associated Scientists.

Student Prizes

PhD students are encouraged to review the latest research in their area of expertise for the benefit of the broader community. The best contributions can win free copies of the books below, thanks to contributing publishers.



To be awarded for reviews on higher marine trophic levels research

To be awarded for best writing style
(lang: FR)

To be awarded for Polar Science contributions

Awarded to
Andrea Frommel (IFM-GEOMAR) for her contribution


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