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"Outreach Products"

     >> see brief overview of EO "products"

Knowledge transfer database

A database of or organisations that have an interest in activities and outputs of the EUR-OCEANS scientific community. 

     >> Please refer to the knowledge transfer database webpage on this website.

Fact sheets

A series of two-sided, A4 documents presenting a topic or research results in simple terms.

     >> Please refer to the fact sheet series introductive page on this website.

Research highlights

A series of brief online scientific digests of  peer reviewed articles authored by, or with the involvement of, EUR-OCEANS scientists.

     >> Please refer to the research highlights introductive page on this website.

Public information website

     >> Please refer to the page describing the public information website.

Short scientific films, educational materials, exhibitions...

The materials listed below are available in the archive of the public information website of the EUR-OCEANS NoE.

Most materials were shown during exhibitions and spread through a network of European aquaria.

     >> Series of 14 short scientific films
     >> Educational packs and misc. other documents
     >> School film contest
     >> Animations

IndiSeas website

The (still ongoing) IndiSeas project is one of numerous activies that were funded by the NoE, and which EOC brought additional support to. It resulted in a collaborative website which documents through a series of indicators the status and trends of exploited marine ecosystems worldwide.

     >> IndiSeas website (
     >> IndiSeas factsheet (2008)





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