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"Scientific Products"

>> see brief overview of EO "products"

Data portal

EUR-OCEANS called for and funded several important data rescue and data transformation projects (14 and 4 projects, resp.) that were relevant to model development and validation. The former NoE website (no longer maintained) included a portal providing access to these datasets through customized query forms.

The georeferenced rescued / transformed datasets are however accessible through the portal of their repository, namely the World Data Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences (WDC-MARE), which uses the PANGAEA information system.

     >> Access EUR-OCEANS data at WDC-MARE and PANGAEA.

Model shopping tool

The Model Shopping Tool or MoST is an online database of ecosystem models including  model descriptions, model equations and vital rates of key organisms.

MoST is described in the EUR-OCEANS fact sheet no 8 and in a Powerpoint presentation (link to be provided soon)

Initially embedded in the former NoE website, MoST is now available online at: Please refer to the latter website for details and contact information.

     >> Access MoST at

Database to share facilities

From 2005 to 2008 EUR-OCEANS designed and implemented a database for sharing facilities (such as mesocosms, mass spectrometers, equipment at sea, etc.) available in different Member Organisations. One hundred and twelve such facilities have been identified and shared during 6.052 days from 2005 to 2008, which corresponds to a mean of approximately 15 days of sharing per facility and per year.  Since the NoE website closed, the database and sharing system is no longer available. The contact information of the developers of this system is available here.

Training, education, summer schools

The NoE funded 21 PhDs and 11 post-docs, had programmes for mobility and training, and organised 6 summer schools focussing on advanced topics relevant to EUR-OCEANS themes.

The EOC indirectly funds a few post-docs (through flagship programmes) and funds (or brings complementary support) to advanced courses.


Publications which can be considered as product of the former NoE (notably those linked to the 21 PhDs and 11 post-docs, numerous workshops and 3 international symposia organised by EUR-OCEANS) have not been formally compiled.

Publications resulting from activities of the current EUR-OCEANS Consortium will, according to an Open Access policy adopted by the Consortium, be deposited in open repositories. They will be listed in the corresponding activities webpages and in a list of "EOC" publications.

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